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  1. juneaubehr

    Front compartment light

    The two interior lights have lenses that rocker, but I tried them to see if rockering them would turn the interior light on or off. It didn't make a difference on my car, maybe mine are missing a part or are broken. If I remove the lens and rotate it 180 degrees and re-install it, it no longer rockers. Can you take a picture of one of your lights without the lens so I can see if mine are missing a piece? I found a switch on the central cluster that turns on the interior lights. I will also check the operation of the door switches tomorrow. Thanks
  2. juneaubehr

    Front compartment light

    Anyone know if there is a switch for the front compartment light? My car is a 92. I'm going through the car installing LED's and noticed that the compartment light in the Amp frame stays on when any of the light buttons are turned on, headlights, park lights , etc. I could not find anything on my wiring diagrams or in my owners manual. Is there a switch build into the hood latch that turns it off when the compartment hood is closed? Thanks
  3. juneaubehr

    Breguet Clock information wanted

    No, I've had mine for over a year now. Here is a pic of the clock in it's display case.
  4. juneaubehr

    Breguet Clock information wanted

    Looking for information on the Breguet clock option. Anyone out there know how to remove the Breguet clock from it's green leather case? How do you wind it? What is the 4th arm for on the clock face, is it a stopwatch? Thanks in advance.
  5. juneaubehr

    must have garages

    EyeDoc, Don't forget a security system and maybe some security cameras. Have you thought of having a fire suppression system installed? Sprinkler? It may lower your insurance premiums.
  6. juneaubehr

    must have garages

    EyeDoc, I'm in the process of building a garage/show space right now as well. I decided to go with a roll up door, instead of the standard track door. It's super quiet, made of steel, and insulated, which would be good for your Utah winters. I agree with the exhaust fan idea. I'm having mine wired so that when the big door opens, the fan will come on automatically for a preset length of time to clear the exhaust gases out. The fan size should be selected based on getting a certain number of air exchanges every hour, I think mine was 6 exchanges per hour. Don't forget to have a vent installed to allow make-up air back into the garage, to replace what is being blown out. I also had 4 Velux Solar powered opening skylights installed to let in natural light and to vent out hot air in the summer. They have solar powered blinds on them, if you want to block out the light, just push a button on the remote control. While my garage was in the framing stage, I had it wired for speakers and a home theater system. Not sure what your plan is for wall construction, but since we get cold winters here too, I had the walls framed 9.75" thick with a total of R40 insulation, also added a layer of Styrofoam to create a thermal break, then double layer of drywall for some extra sound proofing. Good luck with your project. Keep the forum updated with pics as you progress.
  7. juneaubehr

    Brake Caliper rebuild 91 Diablo

    I have not got my stock 92 calipers rebuilt, but I can tell you that if yours are stock 91 calipers, they will be made by ATE not Brembo.
  8. Yes, that helps a lot, I plan on doing the upgrade to the Brembos later this year. Do you have to split the caliper apart to accommodate the thicker rotor? If so, any tips on doing it? Or is it straight forward?
  9. Can you please share how you did it for those that will be doing it in the future.
  10. juneaubehr

    What Is This Switch Under The Dashboard??

    bxtech, I have a 92 with the high dash pod as well and also wished that I could make it smaller. Then I contacted Glen at AMH Exotic Parts and bought all the parts to do the conversion to the 94 and newer lower dash. Haven't done the conversion yet, will do it next winter. If you need a list of parts to do the conversion, let me know.
  11. juneaubehr

    What Is This Switch Under The Dashboard??

    That is the button for adjusting the angle of the instrument dome. The dashboard height is adjustable. Manually move the instrument pod, while keeping the knob pressed upwards. See page 37 of the owners manual for a diagram.
  12. juneaubehr

    What if...

    I like the pop ups. +1 on the PS work. While you are doing your PS magic, can you add some new Huracan wheels to the Diablo to see what is looks like? Cheers
  13. juneaubehr

    My Garage Will Be Very Exciting SOOOOONNN!

    The friend of mine who bought the roll-up door lives in Edmonton, Alberta, where it gets down to -40. He bought the insulated version of the roll up door and claims that it is better insulated than his standard insulated tracked door, he said that he thought it was rated at R27, with 26 gauge steel construction. It does meet all building codes in Canada, but their site states that they have sold them all over North America. For extreme cold I have seen insulated door blankets at Home Depot that can hang over the inside of the door when the door is not used to extend the R value.
  14. juneaubehr

    My Garage Will Be Very Exciting SOOOOONNN!

    Hi Toofdoc, Beautiful garage, you have inspired me to customize my garage. My friend just had a new garage door installed which cleaned up his garage ceiling 100%. it's a metal residential roll up door, built in motor, NO tracks, any color or size, pretty reasonable in price. I have no affiliation to the door company. http://www.smartgarage.ca/ I'm sure there is a similar product available in the USA. With today's exchange rate, just saying....