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  1. diablo-jota

    1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV

    Can you share the VIN of your car? I think its not XLA12262 right?
  2. diablo-jota

    1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV

    Not sure if you know that, but during MY99 Diablo production (from XLA12200 // engine number 2219) they changed something on the airintake and engine heads. Maybe your mechanic had troubles because of this reason. https://www.bullstuff.com/lamborghini-parts...wd-usa/11.01.00 https://www.bullstuff.com/lamborghini-parts...wd-usa/11.01.01 https://www.bullstuff.com/lamborghini-parts...wd-usa/11.02.00 https://www.bullstuff.com/lamborghini-parts...wd-usa/11.02.01 https://www.bullstuff.com/lamborghini-parts...wd-usa/11.03.00 https://www.bullstuff.com/lamborghini-parts...wd-usa/11.03.02 https://www.bullstuff.com/lamborghini-parts...wd-usa/11.04.00 https://www.bullstuff.com/lamborghini-parts...wd-usa/11.04.02
  3. diablo-jota

    1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV

    I hardly doubt that this car has a SVR engine. From MY98 they started with the Valve timing management engines, so why should they put old engines in a MY99? Also XLA12262 has a VTM engine, see attached. It´s one of many myths which people and owners excogitate to make their cars more valuable... Btw i own Lamborghini Diablo SV MY99 too, one of the earliest MY99 SV exists.
  4. diablo-jota

    99 SV Rebuild

    Awsome David!
  5. diablo-jota

    1995 Diablo SE30 Jota

  6. diablo-jota

    Info on this Countach and Dealer

    What is the price for the 25th?
  7. diablo-jota

    Diablo 1995 paint job

    I assume it´s blue scuro!
  8. diablo-jota

    1999 Diablo SV Shift Knob

  9. diablo-jota

    My Diablo SVR restoration

    Your car in european glory! I would prefer that spec. Regards Leo
  10. diablo-jota

    Post some pictures of your favorite Diablos

    Roy offered a SE30 wheels set in the last months. If you have luck it´s still available. Regards, Leo
  11. diablo-jota

    18" front tire options for Diablos

    I have also a 99 SV. Where are you from?
  12. diablo-jota

    Post some pictures of your favorite Diablos

    boss level!!
  13. diablo-jota

    99 SV Rebuild

    First zinc plating and than powder coating is the best solution imo. You will never have rust problems!
  14. diablo-jota

    Rinspeed Diablo

    Looks like Strosek wheels. I´m not sure but i think the car is still in Germany but repainted in original black color. If someone has pictures with the interior it would confirm my guess.
  15. diablo-jota

    Diablo decals

    The "OZ Racing" decals for the Diablo wheels are also available. As you can see i reproduced alot so if anybody need some let me know. Also the door stop decals are available thru me. They are simliar as possible to the originals! I´m perfectionist and can´t see a difference. Regards Leo