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  1. The only reason I haven't dumped TRX yet is because of a tweet that Justin put out on Thurs stating that they were going to announce a partnership "with a very prestigious public company next week". Who knows what that looks like and it might be all hype. If the above is all true on TRX, then it could obviously ruin them.
  2. It happened to me in my Aventador as well. I was running 75+ on the highway when it happened. I was fairly close to a friends house, so I limped it over to his house and pulled it into the garage. I was worried that if I pulled over on the side of the highway I would be stranded, which would be one of the worst experiences ever... I had all these things running through my head, like someone would drive by and throw a bottle at the car, etc. I let it sit for a few minutes in the garage and it started right back up with no issues. Haven't had an issue since, so I'm assuming it was just some
  3. Price lowered to $3,500 plus shipping. It will dress your interior up to another level. Ready to ship immediately!
  4. I have a set of brand new, never installed, interior carbon fiber (2x2 weave, same as the factory) for the Aventador for sale, ready to ship immediately from TN, to anywhere in the U.S. I had inially looked at purchasing an Aventador a few months back that didn't have any interior CF so I ordered this set. I then found another Aventador, that I ended up purchasing, that already had CF installed, plus a few other options, so I have no need for this set. From the factory, it's a $12,800 option, not including the door caps. I am asking $3,900 or best offer. The set includes... Left &am
  5. It's a 3.5 liter Ecoboost motor, twin turbocharged - V6. It makes 450hp, which is 39hp over the big 6.2 the previous model has... Plus a lot lighter. Ford is claming a 23% increase in fuel economy... So around 16mpg combined, which is much better than my old one I had. The tranny is a 10 speed, which will be phenomenal. I know here in Nashville, I can call my sales guy and order one anytime I want, which is what our friend did, and what I'll do when I'm done with the Cayenne GTS, however I believe delivery is around Dec right now. No premium, but right now there are no discount of course, so
  6. A lot of guys have use matte clear with no issues!
  7. I just purchased a G63 and pereferred it over the 550 by quite a it. The 16' 550 looks great with some of the changes, just it still feels under powered, mostly because of how heavy the truck is. I love the sound of the G63, so I'd imagine the G65 sounds incredible, but I would probably get tired of it because of it being too loud. The adventures club sounds cool and I'm excited to to see the Manukatur options.
  8. This particular black 2012 I checked out, and it's actually been in an accident. It was hit in the rear end and did quite a bit of damage. With that said, there are begining to be some great deals on the 2012's, and I agree that we will continue to see a drop by fall/winter.
  9. I know of two that have sold recently in the high $200k's.. Both had around 7000-8000 miles. I'm sure there have been more as well... But I agree that IMO, it's a great deal as long as they check out.
  10. My bad, I missed that part. But yeah, US is the only one that offers that VIP program to 918 owners.
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