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  1. I really enjoy his videos as well. I never had seen underneath the intake in the lambo, good stuff. I wish he would of gone in depth on the lower intake to show if it had been modified with additional injectors or larger to facilitate the fuel requirements of the turbos
  2. Totalyl off topic, but how much coveragedo you gotta carry on that building!!!! hahaha has to be in the millions! ontopic. Are you still building/selling the car in this Video?
  3. Gorgeous, hate to think what the bill was for this with all the additional upgrades!
  4. that yellow huracan was laying the rubber down you could see that thing moving out, WOW!
  5. Wow whos yellow hurcan was that? 217!
  6. omg I was talking to this guy about buying this car just 2 weeks ago. I was VERY close. Holy cow this is so nuts
  7. so? its 50lbs lighter? A billet block by itself would not make the car make more power. If they are at the breaking point of the stock block(havent heard of UGR splitting the blocks from sheer power), then yes the could turn it up more in theory. But not sure why your acting like "billet" block is omg? What am I missing
  8. I wanted to upgrade my steering wheel as well but then I thought, I bought my 04 civic for $1500, how can I pay $1700 for a freakin steering wheel. Once I slapped myself a few times for even THINKING about spending $1700 on the steering wheel I used my money elsewhere
  9. Exactly how much boost do you think a 19" Nitto is going to handle on launch... They are getting everything they can out of that tire. I am sure its not a question of CAN THEY give it boost, but more of how much can the tires hold before it totally blows them off and LOL to your video of the PROMOD with like 32" tires that are 2 foot wide, with 2 PSI in them. Come on man.. quit trolling
  10. Anyone have the link to the video, it was hilarious, the bullshit spewing from his mouth as unparalleled, next level engineering this/that, then says oh my WIFE picked the shape of the exhaust. hahahaha edit: found it hahahaha what a dumbass. The things hes talking about engineering you could figure in reading a mustang forum for 30 minutes. Oh you put bigger throttle bodies on the car? Oh you increased the diameter of the inlet piping? Oh Cold air intake... I mean this is GROUNDBREAKING next level stuff. hahahahahahah what a toolshed
  11. Interested. could you PM me I have some questions I have a 2006, but I think maybe my disc is bad? How can I tell if its the disc or my car isnt "enabled"
  12. In sport you wont notice the quicker shifters unless your above a certain rpm and are at a certain % throttle. I dont know exactly what those thresholds are but you will definetly know when it happens. Egear in anymode will downshift for you when your slowing down to a light. If you are not in SPORT mode it will automatically shift to the next gear at redline, if you are in SPORT mode it will hit the rev limiter
  13. Wow never realized it was that Gallardo that had all the turbo mishaps that ALSO had this issue. eek. I followed up in the turbo thread to see how it all hashed out but never heard from the guy to see if he ended up happy. Nice to know its hopefully getting all lined out and not getting "kicked down the road"
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