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  1. I'm shocked at how much HP and TQ you have gained from this mod. Stunning. Congratulations on doing everything on your own too and thanks for documenting.
  2. That car is amazing. Perfect Lambo. Thanks for keeping us posted.
  3. Very nice and humble of you to just have all the cars showcased like this. Super cool. Looks like I'll have to visit the Kelowna area. I've been to quite a few places in BC but never in the interior. It seems like a stunning area. Cheers!
  4. That is a CRAZY nice Huracan!! wow. Congrats to the new owner and UG for the build.
  5. OC


    Bottom line in my opinion for this product is pretty simple: From Lamborghini's point of view, it's an easy money grab. There are probably tons of parts sourced from a few different areas of the VW group, and they're slapping a ridiculous $250Kish sticker price on it, with extremely expensive options, to make sure the margins are out of this world. From the customer's point of view, it's yet another way of showing off you're rich, 365 days a year, with this new SUV. It's, in my opinion, nothing special. It's just another X6M, another Cayenne Turbo S, another Bentley Bentayga... To me, that's the disappointment. The Aventador is SO special; the Huracan is quite the event too. I feel like the Urus is "just another souped up" SUV. I saw posts on IG about how it's a "game changer" by Kris Singh...W.T.F...it has nothing game changing about it. Like Fortis said, if you don't like it, move on, but it's a disappointment to me...
  6. I did a few long hauls recently. All of them are done economy, btw, because frankly, I can't afford the $5-10K increase in costs of a vacation for the flights vs economy. I'd rather spend it at the destination then on the way there. Anyhow. October 2016: Montreal to Doha; Doha to J-Burg, South Africa. 777ERs the whole time. Great experience, as always on the 777. Probably my favorite long haul plane. Qatar Airways service and planes were top notch, so was the Doha airport actually. Cape town to Doha (787); Doha to Montreal (777ER). The 787 leg was my first trip in the 787. I was very impressed with the lighting at first, and how silent it was on takeout. The experience was actually very good on that trip. It seemed like the seats were quite comfortable, screen/infotainment was much better than average. Ride was quite uneventful. The 777 leg of the trip was probably the longest I've ever done (Doha to Montreal with headwinds was around 13-14 hours non-stop). The 777 really shined here... I came out of the plane as fresh as you could be after sitting for 14 hours in an economy seat. I was pleasantly surprised from that aspect. Service, once again, was top notch from Qatar Airways. November 2017: Montreal to Casablanca; Casablanca to Marrakech. Same but reversed to come back. 787s for the long flights. I don't know if it was the Royal Air Maroc configuration but I thought the seating was cramped AF compared to Qatar Airways. It was not a super pleasant flight from comfort levels (and the food was atrocious; I'm not a whiner honestly so coming from me tells you a lot on that aspect). Nothing really overly positive about the airline or the experience. The 787 was super silent, as always, on takeoff, but I felt more beat up than on the big recent 777 trips I've made. I've actually never flown first or business class yet so looking forward to report when I do!!
  7. OC

    Home speakers

    I once PMed VCR about sound systems...it was a dark hole...not sure I climbed back out!!! LOL He's one of the most patient and helpful person I've ever encountered on car forums. The man is an encyclopedia of sound systems, amongst other things. Thanks again for helping us even if we're mere sound-system mortals.
  8. It is a fantastic slogan. Even the picture are always a bi-generational angle to it, i.e. mother-daughter, father-son, really driving the point home.
  9. The 1948, with only 200 pieces produced, should be relatively ok; the 1942 will probably plummet, you're right.
  10. I really like the new Vacheron watches. Very understated elegance and "wealth" being shown on the wrist with these models. What are your thoughts? Nice detailed articles on the models and the movements. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/vacheron-...ican-1921-small
  11. Frankly, I don't know what to think of this. I think he is self destructive in so many ways that I would not be shocked if he approached it with a "i don't give a fcuk I'm Jon Jones" attitude and did not take the necessary precautions. He could have made a mistake. I was listening and reading a few things with regards to the roids he got caught using and apparently quite a few ball players got caught inadvertently because of its presence in GNC-acquired products (contamination). I was also told by my Muay Thai coach that this sort of roid was only in the system for like 18 hours, so whatever he was consuming, voluntary or not, he was doing it right around fight time. I just think at this point he will go down as a "what if" guy, and the biggest comp in other sports would be Lance Armstrong. No doubt the best at the game in recent history, with a big asterisk. What's amazing, and I'm not trying to defend anybody here, is how fans forgot about Dan Henderson and Anderson Silvia's dabbling with PEDs. Belfort and Jones and Uberreem are not getting the same luxury...maybe for a reason... Overall it's just sad to see such a talented young man/athlete throw it all away because of psychological problems he refuses to tackle. What are your thoughts ?
  12. I was rematching a few GSP fights in the last few weeks and it's surprising how little he moves his head. I think he will get crushed because Bisping's boxing is much superior to GSP's. GSP has a very good jab, but that's it really. I think Bisping wins an UD, and might even finish in later rounds. GSP might retire, or choose to fight McGregor...but otherwise, I think that's a wrap for him. If Bisping loses, he retires. If he wins, he might also retire...unless he's really hurting for money...but he has the commenting gig so I think he's doing OK... If GSP wins, I don't see how he defends the belt against a monster like Rockhold. Whitaker is also quite a bit bigger, Weidman is huge, Romero would twist him...I'm a big GSP fan, don't get me wrong (homeboy!!) but I don't think he survives very well his late career showing at a higher weight class. I have to admit, I saw him and spoke to him quite a bit last December (came to our workplace for a fund raising thing), right around the time he was negotiation for his then-return that became sour, and he was BIG. Much bigger than the other two times I've met him, so he's definitely packed on some weight (and not fat weight...just broad shoulders, neck, everything). He is an impressive specimen of dedication and hard work.
  13. That's just stupid...and so awesome!!! :icon_super: Congrats.
  14. OC

    Rhyno's new house

    I had not checked this thread in a long time. Woowzer. hahaha what an upgrade. question: why not refurbish the clay tennis court? You prefer the hard surface for tennis? I have to admit I have a preference for clay. Absolutely stunning house. congrats!
  15. OC

    SV x 2

    Agreed. The Murci SV is the best sounding Lambo V12 in my opinion. Awesome!!!
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