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  1. I agree , the model 3 is horrendous. Front end i dont know what they were thinking.
  2. Same with me i will be investing in "ATS" at the wynn
  3. I say play this like any penny stock, get it while its good and get the F out. What i want to know is, when this happy go life turns the corner and everyone wants to cash out, where is the financial backing for all these one hit wonder exchanges that cant even handle the daily load?. For example , coinbase, you move your coins from bitfinex/binance/gdax etc etc over to coinbase to finally cash out. Now times that number by millions of people trying to cash out. How do they guarantee the money is there to withdraw, aka anyone remember black friday in the poker world knows exactly what im talking about. This is pure pyramid but made available to everyone in the world, which is the scariest part of all....
  4. Mclaren sales tactics have the same approach of that of hublots ....
  5. hipresr


    I would definitely agree with that statement!
  6. hipresr


    I watched the stream right now and I am sorry but that looks like one ugly ass car! Tesla = fail esp at a 2yr wait or more like their model x
  7. Wonder if him and Mana will be jail cell buddies
  8. ISIS and that whole mindset is an idea, you cannot kill and idea! You wipe it out! We have been doing this politically correct bs with tactical arms for what over 20 yrs. It has not put one dent into that idea/mindset one bit, in fact its strengthened it! Like a wasp nest you just don't kill the worker, you take out the whole nest. Yes its barbaric but how much longer are we going to keep playing this political, saving a human life crap? Will them obtaining a nuke, and nuking one of our cities be the final straw? Why would you want to take it to that point?
  9. There is a picture of his subi upside down all by itself in a field. He drives like a jackass hence every week he has a picture of cops pulling him over. It was just a matter of time where Murpheys laws caught up to him.
  10. I will be there from 6-9th Doing alittle Italy before that.
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