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  1. GuiGui


    hmmm, not sure
  2. So what is the solution? Do nothing and be sure that will happen again?
  3. For sure but that can be copy pasted into a lot of thing, might as well have a 200000LBS tank of gas in the basement just in case... A nuclear shelter, etc etc I would have understood during the cold war era but now? Also knowing that the whole army strong force is outdated since today it is not a country vs another country or a government against another one but rather a war of idea/religion (more idea than religion come to think about it) well scratch that outdated quote looking at north korea which is stuck in the past but other than that the future will be quick precise chirurgical strike and that will pretty much be it And not sure i'd like to see an old grandpa in his wheelchair with a semi automatic riffle, that seems like a recipe for disaster! But once again I understand the point and the logic behind it all, I don't agree but I get it!
  4. You guys... so attached to this word "freedom". The right to have guns to protect yourself was implemented during a very different time, you don't need to protect yourself from an invading nation, or even from your government, there won't be any civil war. So yes having a handgun, a shotgun it can be argued, for protection, a hunting riffle to hunt yes sure. But a semi automatic riffle? let's be honest that is not for protection, that is for fun. And yes in France when we suffered those terror attack we were put under martial law, I actually think we still are but it changed absolutely nothing for us in regards to our freedom, And I don't really care as long as I know that I can go in a bar or outside or in a crowded place without fearing for an "event" Now that being said I truly think that this whole subject is the mirror of our cultural differences, we as "foreigners" don't really understand that high attachment to what is here called "freedom" and that right you have and don't want to be taken away. Just as the same as we don't have that same pride and respect for our country that you have. So that debate between pro and con gun is actually more than that and nobody will probably "convince" the other party Internally we all agree that there is an issue and that some sort of gun control, or a least something must be done as things cannot clearly continue like this. But what and how? you have a high gun culture and "freedom" culture and lots of guns are already out there so honestly... I don't know Either way I think that is a hot but interesting debate unfortunately following a very sad, crazy and unbelievable tragedy
  5. If you want to check ferrari you should go and have a look at "Pozzi" in levallois perret also, small showroom but huge garage with some rare gems
  6. Yes there is, There used to be one near the arc de triumph, this one is now closed the current one is here: 15 Bis Boulevard Gouvion-Saint-Cyr, 75017 Paris + 33 1 44 29 37 00 Alternatively there is an Audi dealership in Levallois Perret (very close) that have (or used to in the past) have quiet a few L
  7. What kind of software/website are you guys using? even if it may be too late to join the party it's always interesting to keep an eye on this thx!
  8. Unfortunately that is not even the subject any more, they (I am talking about the extremist, not the muslims in general) will stop at nothing. Israel or a war in this or this country is just an excuse. Lets be extreme and think about that, would they stop and disappear if israel disappeared? if all the country, europe, us, russia, etc withdrew their forces all around the world? I am pretty sure that they won't They are driven by hate, by an interpretation that they make of a religion that you are either muslim or you are an ennemi and must be destroyed. Even muslims that are not as religious as they "should" be will get it... Look at what they did in Syria for exemple. They are destroying some magnificent and extra ancient art and building even of their own religion because they decided that it did not match their vision of the coran... Now I have no idea what the coran says but I am pretty sure that it does not say destroy everybody that is not like you or does not have the same vision as you those guys are in a word of their own where we are all ennemi and potential target. When they hit "charlie" in Paris, they had a target, a target of journalist that made fun of their god. Even if we cannot understand and accept that, we can see in their terrorist mind where that came from Now they are just hitting random, and nothing to do at all with religion. Just some poor guys, friends, couples out having a drink or watching a show and just like that you are dead or you lost a friend/relative I am sad, furious and honestly a bit scared of the futur right now what's next?
  9. ok, now that things are settling down, all my close friends are fine, one took a bullet in the leg but will be ok all those who were in the Bataclan are ok, well physically ok at least, their story is chilling... those ass... where smiling as they were shooting innocent people, one of my friend was on the ground with her brother on top of her protecting her. They ran when someone shouted "they are reloading go now". they had to jump and walk over bodies... Pretty sure things will never be the same again for them from now on but at least they are ok...
  10. http://www.huffingtonpost.fr/2015/11/14/vi..._n_8562656.html
  11. It is bad in here, I have been receiving calls and text all night Fear is that there may be more coming tonight, although I don't see that happening with all the cop presence after Charlie we had a very strong police presence all around and nothing happened, they just diminished it because the threat level was lower and because it is also freaking expensive and a few month later boom so what? we need to live in constant fear, arm ourselves and be at war? because it is a war zone right now... saw so many cop / military cars, saw swat team on the back of police motorbike hauling ass ... And yesterday yes, all the metro were closed, not enough taxi that's why a lot of people were still on the street 18 body, 30sec from the flat of one of my friend in a place we used to go... scary
  12. Ok guys... just got back from a night out in Paris due to the "situation" It is a war zone out there... I won't speculate or comment on what is going on as I honestly have no clear idea, I am hearing more than 60 dead, shooting left and right, at least one suicide bomber and an hostage situation in a club During the last terror attack, my sister found herself in the middle of it with no consequences hopefully this time I know a guy who was at the stade de france, the football stadium where allegedly at least one suicide bomber exploded I now people that are inside right now the Bataclan which is a club/concert hall One of my closest friend live 2 min from one of the shooting, thank god she was home... we are still waiting for info on the bataclan. we live in a F... up word I tell you...
  13. that's actually not true, they are supposed to take into account the difference between your speedometer and your real speed plus a little margin. If the speed limit is 130 you will be good if you pass them at 140-145 (approx) at your speedometer. Obviously the margin will be shorter for lower speed, if the speed limit is 70, passing the at 80-85 will get you a ticket
  14. ourf, I just watched the footage of the assault, damn that's messy. does not seems very well organized. Maybe thinks got rushed when the brothers were shot and they had to move in quick but even if, they should have been prepared. I am no professional at all at this but yeah, as it was said, waiting for the metal door to open seems like a whole lot of lost time. The cop that got in first must have felt very lonely in there
  15. New joke: Charlie won: They made a carnage inside a redaction office but died in a printing company ...
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