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  1. Why is any of it relevant... Ugr dominating so much people are debating who let who win and why. Damn soap opera.
  2. KC was never going to let Ross lose. Come on guys. He stayed behind and went for a mph.
  3. Damn you guys are killing it! I don’t even hear the turbos spooling yet lol
  4. Yeah the shifts on the E gear were not quick. It took a lot of time to regain momentum after a shift! The bigger the turbos the longer it took to regain momentum on the shifts. The new awd drive system and dct is just amazing! Yeah to me the Huracan P looks like it is less than 100lbs lighter if that. I wonder if lambo will come out with a light weight version. I haven't heard of any news for a new R8 Gt either. Hard to beat the build you have. It is perfect in every way! Will take a beast of a street car to tango with you and even if it can hang with you I bet it spends a lot of its time in the shop.
  5. Imagine if that thing weighed around 3,200..... I want to turbo my r8 so bad but I am thinking of getting a Huracan P and doing it. Just not sure if the Huracan P is worth double the price basically of my r8. Your car is sick man! Amazing write up!
  6. It went 10.8 at 128 in pretty high DA. That is wild. You would think these cars would weigh less than the LP. Anyone weigh a performante yet?
  7. My 17 r8 plus was 3613lbs with 3/4 tank of gas when I took it to the drag strip.
  8. Looks like the SC are just taking a dump at higher speeds.
  9. fcuk asphalt. I almost died a few times on that shit! GA 400. Nicest grooved concrete you have ever seen!
  10. 1300 is 200 1800 gets you 217 2000 is like 225 Got to be close to 3000-3200 whp These are at the wheels...
  11. Damn. So crazy. Just such an odd investigation.
  12. How hard would it have been for him to get his hands on one?
  13. True there is a lot of money involved in this one...
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