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  1. You saying you're cheating on us? I see what you're saying. For example when I had a lexus, I'd go to a lexus forum for technical info only. Forum died a few years prior for the social part of it, it appeared. But this is a lamborghini forum - a lot more encompasses lamborghini lifestyle than technicals. Even putting instagram posts guys here post on their IG, also on LP as a post, would create some discussion. For some guys this is the only forum/ chat thing they use. Also there is no way for young guys to get on the inside unless they're fathers are connected to learn something. Maybe I'm holding on too tight but damn, you aren't gonna learn shit about life on IG.
  2. but when new car came, you did spend a shit load of time on facebook, where years ago you'd be here getting pages of replies.
  3. Rawr

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    id short some company i dont like into oblivion, starbucks could be one
  4. Rawr

    Recession coming?

    Does anyone have the numbers on what happened to median income during the last 10/5 years? Megachad mentioned wages have gone up, and while I see literally every place is $12/hr now up to $15, I find it hard to believe that people that made 40-50k 10 years ago now make 60-70k.
  5. Rawr

    Recession coming?

    Good point, but after seeing the boot my friend now calls his (half) of townhouse, i'd rather rent. I wonder if you knew options well you could protect with that if it does keep going for awhile.
  6. Rawr

    Recession coming?

    Minnesota has gone insane, both in building and values. I understand the economy is going well, but just going from human nature and the nature of consumerism - these people are probably making a bit more, yes, but are the same credit risk as before, only with bigger amounts now. I can't believe what you got for the money in MN now.. screw paying that to deal with the natural hazard of bitter fcuking cold. If anyone has ideas where you can still get good value and be somewhat close to the gulf/ocean I'm all ears.
  7. Rawr

    Recession coming?

    Saw this on another forum. The Macro Downgrade Cycle Begins... Wed, 10/10/2018 - 09:41 6 SHARES Authored by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners, There was an old joke among bond investors that use to say no AAA-rated bond had ever defaulted... because it was downgraded several times first. By the time the issuer was in restructuring, it was junk accredited long before then. It ceased being funny around February 2007. There is something similar and similarly tragic that takes place in the wider macro context. The perpetual optimism of each global reflation is at first always extrapolated to the most extreme. The reappearance of positive numbers in whichever set of economic accounts is converted into the definitive sign that the economy will go on forever in its best state. This has happened, of course, several times so far across the last eleven years; including once in the middle of 2008 especially in the US where for brief time in the spring Economists and Fed officials actually thought the American economy might avoid recession altogether. The economy has instead repeatedly fallen backward. ... The “strong economy” is never quite downgraded, the qualifications to the qualifier are in its stead.
  8. Rawr

    Recession coming?

    Anyone else got a feeling it's not too far away??
  9. Rawr

    — Site Announcement — A Familiar Look is Back!

    New topics has to be fixed. and why does every post look like a quote?
  10. I was going to make this comment after the previously posted video that that was the exact moment when Connor realized capitalism has yet to spread to certain parts of the world. Now Dana and the UFC are realizing this too. It's like the story about the fish who get told "nice water today, ain't it?" - they don't get it. Same here, if you don't understand that this system and rules people play by in capitalism are not the whole world, then you're in shock. Why do people like Tiger apologize for personal business in public with fake apologies? Exactly.
  11. The fake feint and dash the other way after Khabib knocks him in the face to avoid the knee by CM was exceptional though. Besides that fcuk that guy.
  12. I have a feeling Connors wife is going to tell him "listen mofo, we got a baby and you need to be alive to watch it"
  13. Well well well. I love it.
  14. Rawr

    I’m back…

    Ain't the same without you E. Are you still in KY? After that pic of you in leather coat surfaced I could have sworn u went hollywood again.
  15. Rawr

    Stock Picks - Post Your Stock Picks

    What's the real story with Musk's banishment? Doesn't seem the type of guy who would lie and cheat?