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  1. Yeah i figured some members were.. Maybe Abolfaz too. Im jealous. I know they put the wall up after and it hasnt been this fun since. I showed this to my cousin in russia whos been to FTL and he said wow too.. people having a good time being normal humans.
  2. Good old days 1985 Ft Lauderdale Spring Break video shot by The Parrot - YouTube
  3. how do these guys make money? look at the rates. Nexo - Banking on Crypto
  4. I at this point don't know what to think. I have heard the whole stock market is switching to blockchain to be more efficient so crypto here to stay. My mother texted me today to buy DOGE because she heard Elon Musk likes it.
  5. vroom vroom!2.jfif "only one in the city" the seller says. 1.jfif 2.jfif 3.jfif 4.jfif edit - how do i make these show up without having to dl?
  6. weed is a hell of a drug. Ill go with rolex daytona
  7. Ive been out for years as i got hurt back in the day.. and i didnt have money to play with. I got in last week with calls and then you know what happens w bear party. I watched today as spy was fighting 316.40 and it as pivotal.. it held it held and then it collapsed. Then this generated run happens. Then I find out Trump was coming on tv.. so makes sense (especially with vxx basically falling off the cliff) I read this https://www.ccn.com/dow-jones-20-year-warning-just-flashed-red/ so are you guys out? anyone bearish holding already? I have no idea what is coming within 3 months so I might just stop trading again unless there is some sort of consensus here?
  8. this stuff works at all? https://bulletproofzone.com/collections/bulletproof-clothing
  9. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/30/politics/us-china-coronavirus-diplomacy-intelligence-donald-trump/index.html cancelling US debt obligations stood out.. this is starting to smell like WW to anyone?
  10. obviously take with a grain of salt, but whats this talk about the war over 5g affecting things? (and any other worthwhile conspiracies?) It dawned on me yesterday that if everyone is sitting at home, all they are doing is consuming bandwith. netflix lowers streaming quality to keep up.. and here comes 5g. Obviously I dont want to think corona happened as a malicious plan, just curious to think about why it happened at all.
  11. I was in thailand came to vietnam to extend visa. Thailand closed down. Vietnam border is closed but im in a resort town and the only reason its closing up is lack of tourists. OTherwise people still going to the beach and playing volleyball. I think vietnam closing earlier than others helped. Looking for an apartment for at least a month as of now
  12. We dont need ghoul pool, we need people to actually start threads about life/question/misc. In the glorydays it was young guys like me/rob/etc asking a ton of stuff, and then older guys posting their biz stuff.
  13. Rawr

    The Joker

    i thought the movie sucked balls. Brad Pitts space movie was ok, was kind of a head fake i thought it was about space not about daddy issues. IT2 looked more interesting than the joker
  14. Get some alpaca sweaters
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