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  1. Should have brought your skis and gone here next month. https://www.skiportillo.com/ Get to meet the Chilean Army training and US Ski Team.
  2. I'm with stupid.....apparently there isn't an emoji for it anymore. E gears shift slow and are expensive to maintain.
  3. Countach LP400 Miura SV 350GT Diablo 6.0 Gallardo Espada LM
  4. If they don't keep the traditional front engine version too, this is suicide. Just like when Chrysler decided to take the Viper upmarket and killed it. There aren't enough mid-life crisis rednecks out there that can afford a mid-engine Vette. Ford can get away with the GT, due to limited production numbers and corresponding asking price.
  5. Stop paying coaches millions a year. University shouldn't be a minor league. Saban is making $8m a year. It's fcuking wrong.
  6. SFO is an awful airport to fly into/out of. The runways are too and close and when the fog rolls in, they shut down one. It happens a lot. Oakland or San Jose are much better options.
  7. A friend turned me on to Happy Valley on Netflix. If you can get through the first 30 minutes of set up in the first episode, it's fcuking brilliant. Really dark, thankfully only 12 episodes. Not sure I could take much more of it, it's relentless.
  8. Gun to my head, I 'd rather watch Top Gear America.
  9. A lot of AMG engines from that era have head bolt issues. Not sure if this model is one of them. I believe it is around $4k as a preventative maintenance measure, a lot more if they fail. I wouldn't one touch one if it hasn't been done.
  10. Narcos Mexico was awesome. Best season yet.
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