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  1. kinnsella


  2. kinnsella

    Wallet recommendations

    I got rid of a wallet completely a couple of years ago, I just have a couple cards and license in my phone cover.
  3. kinnsella

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    This may be a stupid question, why do all this custom development? There are 1,000's of forums, I'm sure there are some bulletproof up to date off the shelf solutions. This seems to a slow, expensive and potentially unreliable solution.
  4. kinnsella

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    It's funny watching all you argue over the SVJ was a good idea or not. It's not my cup of tea, but 86 pages in on this thread I'm sure Lamborghini will sell every one. They only moved 186 Murci SVs. Times have changed.
  5. kinnsella

    Is the Model X a perfect daily driver?

    Don't count on Audi service either. They're awful too.
  6. kinnsella


    Oil and water temp look great if the outside temp gauge is accurate.
  7. kinnsella


    Very cool. Whitney Houston used to cruise around Malibu in a burgundy one. Congrats.
  8. kinnsella

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Rinse and repeat...I am not a huge fan of the Aventador, but this one is pretty special.
  9. kinnsella

    Is the Model X a perfect daily driver?

    Tesla will be a wholly owned subsidiary in a few years. Cash burn, production and quality problems, and many more direct competitors. Model 3 margins are razor thin even when they are loaded. Europeans and GM don't need another luxury brand. Ford is getting out of cars. My money is on the Chinese once the stock implodes. The valuation is unsustainable. Aramco IPO is going nowhere for now so I doubt the Saudi's are coming to the rescue.
  10. kinnsella

    Helicopter charter - SoCal to Ojai

    Santa Paula Airport is less than 20 miles from Ojai. Might be an option for a fixed-wing charter.
  11. kinnsella

    Talk to me about Defenders!

    My neighbor had a new one when I first lived in Malibu in 98. The build quality was so shitty there were rust patches the hinges on the doors and hood on a 2-year-old car. If it is anything like my Bronco then it is not a DD under any circumstances.
  12. kinnsella

    Mid engine Corvette C8-R

    Why they didn't build this one is beyond me. If you wanted to take it to Mercedes, this was it.
  13. kinnsella

    1973 Bronco Motorswap

    I'd be careful putting too much power in a Bronco. A short wheelbase, big tires, and a lift make for an unstable platform. I have a late model 351 Windsor, MSD distributor, headers and a 600 cfm carb. Probably putting out 200-225 HP. I can hit 85 on the freeway, even on 37-inch tires which is way too fast. Once I had Ventura 4 X 4 go through it after I purchased it, now it starts every time.
  14. kinnsella

    1973 Bronco Motorswap Ventura 4x4. They currently service my heavily modified 72 Bronco. They can do pretty much anything, won't charge through the nose like options A, B & C. So busy, they are slow.