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  1. Side profile screams Aventador. That looks bad.
  2. I get the business case. Squeeze a couple hundred million more out of the decade-old Aventador chassis and powertrain. Not sure you would want to pay close to $Xm dollars for a car that had an out of date transmission when it was introduced. Really cynical marketing ploy that has clearly worked, apparently they have sold all of them. It looks pretty good, its not Reventon ugly but you can clearly see Aventador because they can't move the hard points. The interior looks almost stock. It's a shame they would sully probably their most iconic car with a warmed over close out model. Feels like Jordan to the Wizards. Anybody else think that most buyers of this car, their first Lamborghini was an Urus?
  3. None of the above. Get a used e63s Wagon. $3.5k RENNtech tune and you have close to 800 hp/torque monster that does 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. 1/4 quarter mile is 10.8. I have a 2020 one. Best car I have ever owned. It's not close.
  4. Yes he does. Pretty arrogant to think he can improve on such an iconic design.
  5. I agree the AMG rides harsh, but where I live the roads are good so it's not a problem. That's said I think it handles well for a large car. Relatively speaking price wise it's a bargain compared to Panamera turbo s. With the Renntech upgrade, it's super car fast. I love it's sledgehammer nature. Gas mileage is awful, I'm averaging 12 mpg. Mercedes should have fitted a larger gas tank. My wife has had 3 BMW 3 series diesel wagons in a row, they are great cars. Shame BMW stopped importing them.
  6. I ordered the tune. Colour matching the calipers to the car. Red is stupid.
  7. Picked up an e63s last week. Love it and the attention it doesn't get. According to Renntech they actually make stock 685 hp and the 0 to 60 is 3.08, 0 to 100 7.29. A $3,500 tune gets you 773 hp/778 ft pds of torque, 0 to 60 2.8, 0 to 100 6.76.
  8. It's a VW group engine, I'm sure ABT could provide you with a solution. Not sure why you would need a tune on 640 HP SUV.
  9. I drove by a Costco yesterday morning around 7:30 am. There must have been 2,000 people in line hours before it opened. If that type of hoarding behauvior continues, rationing may be coming. The stupidity is mind numbing.
  10. That is next level. I always associate Pagani and Koenigsegg together as they came to market around the same time. The Zonda was a much better first effort, Koenigsegg had a kit car feel at the time. The game has moved on and Pagani hasn't adapted. This, the Jesko. The Hyuara is a dinosaur with only 800 HP and rocking a single clutch gearbox. It didn't move the game on from the Zonda. Should have built the Hyuara with a manual and carved out that niche.
  11. Having owned three Audi's, one I still own, they make BMW look like Lexus. Reliability is not good. I couldn't agree more, love the concept of a superfast estate, hate this execution. People who drive estate's want Q cars. Mercedes does it better, but even their styling is getting close to obnoxious.
  12. Thanks, got too much going these days to pay attention. Working on the second act.
  13. You really have to rev that cossie, not a lot of low down torque. It's a dog leg too, which is great. I'd still have the CLK, they are a bargain and will appreciate, especially as unupgraded motors continue to grenade. Another classic early 90's E500. I owned one for 18 months, stolen, seamless torque in it's era. Off topic, my friend that owns the CLK, built a 91 Audi RS2 Coupe. Imported all the Porsche and Audi factory parts and built a car that never existed.
  14. The 2 series is a remarkably good car. I had a lowly 228i as loaner for a week and was blown away by how fun it was. It's tiny and only double amputees can fit in the back. I didn't want to give it back.
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