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  1. kinnsella

    C55 AMG Values

    A lot of AMG engines from that era have head bolt issues. Not sure if this model is one of them. I believe it is around $4k as a preventative maintenance measure, a lot more if they fail. I wouldn't one touch one if it hasn't been done.
  2. kinnsella

    MSO P1 GTR

  3. kinnsella

    Doug Demuro reviews the Koenigsegg Agera RS1

    Do you think he cares...
  4. kinnsella

    good netflix shows?

    Narcos Mexico was awesome. Best season yet.
  5. kinnsella

    California Fires

    When you're worth $200 m, whats $2.5m for a short-term fix. There will be no rentals....Pepperdine students will be flipping their apartments.
  6. kinnsella

    California Fires

    Makes perfect sense, 700 homes are gone, people need to live somewhere else (in the neighboorhood) while they rebuild.
  7. I think the "everyman" approach works for him, makes him more relatable than some of the other car reviewers who are obviously trustfund babies.
  8. kinnsella

    California Fires

    Fewer houses, increasing population, restrictive codes when rebuilding, supply and demand.
  9. kinnsella

    good netflix shows?

    My sister in law turned on me to this one. If you are into cooking shows, The Final Cut on Netflix is worth a watch. Chopped on steroids. Very high production value.
  10. kinnsella

    Movie review: Bohemian Rhapsody

    My son loves Queen, it is appropriate for a 10 year old?
  11. You're still watching. Don't knock it if is working for him. He has carved out a niche and a great business model. Creates content with cars he doesn't own. Gets to write off a GT40...
  12. kinnsella

    California Fires

    Drove into LA yesterday on the 101. Moonscape either side of the 101 from Liberty Canyon to Mulholland. Even with the windows closed and AC on recirc, you could smell a burnt smell. It's amazing how many structures the firefighters actually saved considering the proximity of the fires.
  13. kinnsella


    I like the business model, however all the really limited edition cars look like shit. The only one that didn't was the Sesto Elemento. The nose reminds of a horse...