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  1. oh i was just going to add more pics.. i ll just do it as a new post in the thread.
  2. how do i edit a post or add more pictures?
  3. Anyone know anything about this 2014 Verde Scandal roadster that was for sale at ilusso in california and now for sale at excel auto in miami? Car was originally in ohio till 2018 then was offered for sale by ilusso around march.. houston costa of royalty exotic seem to have bought it but 1 mo later car was sold by ilusso to Excel auto in florida. it doesnt look like royalty exotic actually rented the car since the milage only increased by a couple of hundred miles. anyone have any insight on this car or know it's history? I put an offer on it and am scheduling a PPI.. just thought I put it up here and see if anyone knows anything about it.
  4. my local RR dealer always gives me something decent, once i took my lamborghini in for tires, they gave me a maserati.. and when i took my ghost in for service they gave me another maserati. only one time my bentley gtc broke down, they didn't have any loaners but they took me to my office and picked me back up... they sold a couple of cars for me but i haven't actually bought a car from them, i always tell them what i want before i buy and give them a shot at finding it for me tho..
  5. i have the sensonum system and it sounds worse than most sound systems i hear in my many uber rides..
  6. I have led bulbs but it causes the warning light on the dash to come on. dealer said its because of the amp draw of the led is so much less...
  7. mine does this often, sometimes it will go right back down when i start the car, sometimes it will stay up till i drive it a little bit. once it stayed up because the super capacitor failed and had to go to the dealer for a $50 dollar fix. mine is a late 2013
  8. mine did the same thing and it was a super capacitor issue
  9. Hey Guys: I prematurely bought a set of carbon fiber parts for a Mc Laren deal that turned into an aventador... so now it's for sale, cost was around $7500 make me an offer. Hit me up [email protected] if anyone is interested. (sorry if i posted this to the wrong area)
  10. Yeah I did! i wrapped the top and replaced the justin bieber aftermarket wheels.
  11. Originally when I sold my 09 LP640, I wanted to be around 340-360 for a very low mile 13 coupe in a premium color (VI, Balloon White atlas orange etc. I probably did pay a bit over market, but this car came with a lot of extras like 30k in receipts for carbonfiber 10k for exhaust, and an extra set of dioni wheels (no tires) Also honestly the real reason was that I was just tired of shopping and talking to rude dealers. Most of the cars I found in the sub 350 range were 2012, higher than 5k miles, black, gray or other color i wasn't interested in, standard iperione wheels, no carbon fiber. Of all the inventory on the market between march and may, I did not find anything lower than 320k and any of the ones under 340k had some kind of story with it. I talked to about 5 dealers in my shopping process. (HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE i ll get into in a separate topic that I will start) and have found that they were simply not willing to negotiate much on these cars. which is strange because there ARE so many of the out there for sale. on the one I bought, it was originally listed or 409 and after pulling teeth for a week ended up buying it for 395. Anyway, Goodluck on your hunt! I do think by this winter, prices will come down a bit! Good things comes to those who wait, they just wont have it RIGHT NOW!!!
  12. i just bought one about 3 mo ago. 2013 coupe with 1100 miles on it. coupes under warranty are going for between 360-400 i paid 395 for mine. there are some 2012s for 330-370. i shopped for 2 months and really couldn't find any low mile well optioned cars for less than 350k
  13. Just came across this post http://www.lambopower.com/forum/index.php?...t=0&start=0 maybe this is the 280k aventador that got all this started.. it would explain things...
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