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  1. And it supposedly broke P918's 6:57mins record on the Nurburgring.
  2. wheels are exact same as this, front diffuser isn't one full piece (if I remember correctly. The rear spoiler is definitely much higher and the rear diffusers isn't as squarish as from the original post of this.
  3. Nope. Well definitely no on the passenger side (it was a LHD on preview) unless it had a bigger flap on the other side like what they did on the LP640
  4. Looks exactly like the mule. From behind, it looks like a twin brother of the Scuderia due to its similarity in diffuser/exhaust style. With its forged carbon, it does look like an oven placed in the kitchen cabinet.
  5. And there are no fender outlets as discussed but I have to say, the engine hood is quite nice that has an air intake to cool the exhaust & also guide the spoiler
  6. I was at the first preview for the Performante yesterday. It was the hulk color with forged carbons everywhere. Still trying to accept how it looks like, especially the forged carbon spoiler looking like a marble/granite kitchen table top and it's diffuser ala Scuderia that looks like an oven
  7. pardon my ignorance, is the glass engine hood an option or is it the other? thanks.
  8. lolz... not your thoughts of those kinda 'cum' he's a best buddy of mine who somehow just happened to be my client now...
  9. just thought I'd share a buddy cum client's ride.... pardon the quality of the pics...
  10. if i am not mistaken, it was a grey coloured one, imported in via Singapore for a Malaysian... not sure, need the Singaporean counterparts to clarify though..
  11. my figures may not be accurate, but definitely around there. there are heaps of them running around unregistered, if you know what i mean. a fake veyron? ok.. havent seen that though...
  12. I think you were referring to 50 Lambo owners only in the state of Johor, Ipoh & Penang... where as for KL & Selangor, there are definitely more than that..... not forgetting those grey imports (parallel importers that you call in Singapore) that are still in their respective showrooms. Oh yea, not forgetting about Pagani Zonda S and F running around on the streets of Johor & KL, Veyron in KL. Whatever it is, Malaysians are not blessed with the taxes on cars as of the likes in the US or any other countries in the EU. A LP640 cost USD572k on average and it doesnt come with full
  13. hey there, was just wondering, if you have anyone interested in the Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL Speed Black 3 Diamond Lite Carbon, do let me know. I have a couple of months old watch here with me which is in very good condition. Thanks....
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