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  1. I am obviously biased, so after mine , you definetely have the best looking SV-R there is!
  2. Well, he has to, in order to maintain his big man public persona, while he private messages me to beg me not to see him in Sydney. Totally gutless, just like the 12th of December message where he tells me how much he hates Budfox and wants him banned, yet he's buddy buddy with him just a few posts up.
  3. I said spec - as in options specced on the car. Not the colour. For example, my colour kills his Is that blue Cephus? Looks a bit dark. Are the photos filtered or natural? Regardless, those wheels look amazing!!!
  4. Mate, I really hope you are ready to follow through. I've never hidden the fact I've been to jail three times now for beating pussies like you up (it's public record anyway). Difference between you and me is that I don't give a fcuk about the consequences. I always enjoyed jail/prison as it was more relaxing and less stressful than the rat race I live in. And I wasn't joking about filming it. I posted two videos of the "aftermath" on other forums where keyboard wariors mouthed off. It might sound juvenilke, but videos/photos are the only way to validate the reality of things. I am in Sydney between 29th and 1st. Don't know the exact date as I'm not in the country right now. If you were for real, you would have offered to come to Melbourne. I've personally flown all the way to the US to knock on people's doors. You should have seen their faces when they would realise shit just got real. Same look you'll have 😉
  5. You're a trillionaire! Don't you have more people to lie snd steal from? Newspapers seem to love running your stories! You are exactly the scum that I despise - lies untill he's blue in the face in order to steal from unsuspecting suckers.
  6. Wow man, you have a serious case of small dick syndrome going on there. Your insecurity is blinding! Have I said anything about your car? Have I said anything about how you use your car? All I asked is if there is some genuine reason behind this Cody guy's publicity or he is self promoting himself on his brothers laurels. Your over reaction is flabergasting and points to serious psychological issues! And no, I don't like "bullshiters". People that lie to others to make themselves appear better or who use other people's accomplishments for self interest. I was simply asking if this Cody guy is one of those. Regarding courage, if I'd have any issues with you, believe me, I'd be standing right in your face telling you so.
  7. I told him I want first right of refusal if he ever sells. Even though he has those gay comfort seats, not sport seats like real men!
  8. Oct 2015?? When I did it in March 2016 they only mentioned the SV logo, not the screen surround. That's why I didn't get it. To me, the SV logo in cf is THE best feature on the car. Totally agree about the gloss. Just like you I HAD to get it when I saw the comparison to the matt.
  9. Actually, when I wrote that, you were the primary person I was thinking off. Did your ears burn or something?
  10. I'm a cynic. A world full of bullshitters tends to do that..
  11. Getting a bit pissy for no reason, aren't you? I asked if he was promoting his own fame/interests due to just being associated to Paul Walker or is he doing something else, which you said - promoting a charity. Just because you met him once at a public event and you think he's your friend now doesn't mean that you have jump up and down like that.
  12. THE best specced (externally) SV Roadster in the world has just landed in Australia. It will make any other SV Roadster that stands next to it look like shit, even mine. Gloss carbon everywhere. Naked Carbon SV logo. Gloss carbon windscreen frame (mine doesn't have this as wasn't available at the time). Right now, this is the only one in the world with all these options together. And of course, it has all the other carbon options - carbon skin, full carbon engine bay, etc. PLUS embroidered SV logo in between the seats. But the interior spec has been screwed up - it has comfort seats and the ugly centre console with all the buttons for sat nav, etc. So, all up, it's debatable whether it's better than mine , but externally it will crap over any other SV standing next to it.
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