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  1. Might be helpful for you Cake: https://speedsecrets.com/speed-secrets-podc...he-nurburgring/
  2. Sorry I can't seem to edit my post but upon further investigation I think her sister is even hotter than her, and she also has a less pointy nose.
  3. Here's her IG: https://instagram.com/ashtonberkley/ I think the pic you posted had her at her very best angle because she looks like a different person in all her other photos.
  4. I know I just lurk and try to enjoy the incredible content from owners willing to share their vehicles and stories but... Jesus Christ. Webster not only owns a zonda, and agera, he's also raced at Lemans and yet your're still pouting out bull shit and still haven't given a concrete answer or proof to the question at hand. Put up or shut up.
  5. Someone please spec out their roadster like this so I can purchase it in a few years!
  6. Sounds incredible in race mode.
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