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  1. Jonsav

    Here . . . we . . . GO!!! -- Khabib vs. Conor

    Curious as to what the punishment will be for khabib.
  2. Jonsav

    Fcuking loaner!

    Pretty nice, best I got was an X3 lol
  3. Jonsav

    Gallardo Spyder Flying

    Shoulda stayed in the kitchen
  4. Jonsav

    Ceramic / nano coating?

    Simply meant not worth it over PPF because of the price most would charge. Not hard to apply yourself Allan, just make sure to decontaminate the paint before applying.
  5. Jonsav

    Ceramic / nano coating?

    I own a detailing shop, it really depends what you are looking to get out of it. shops claim 7 years life span but that's a total lie. Their warranty gets voided if you wash the car yourself, that's what they don't tell you. Doing it over your PPF is a waste IMO. If you like to wash the car yourself, get the ceramic done so it will minimize the damage you are doing on the clear coat.
  6. Jonsav

    Sergio Marchionne Dead

    crazy, RIP
  7. Jonsav

    Picked up a new toy

    nice! Was starting to wonder what was going to be the next purchase
  8. Jonsav

    Lord have Murci

    last shot is amazing
  9. Jonsav

    2021 Dodge Viper

    they stopped last year due to an airbag regulation or something. they should just call it something else at this point if it goes v8 with paddles
  10. Jonsav

    I'm back in the Diablo club

    Congrats! dealt with him before and everything went smoothly. Post pics when you get a chance!
  11. Jonsav

    Home security

    I just have each watch insured with the company that insures my house, fees aren't crazy. Although I don't own anything over 40
  12. Jonsav

    Gotta love carfax...

    takes awhile for it to pop up.. maybe it hasn't been long enough?
  13. Jonsav

    John Cena Is A G

    I don't blame him after having a divorce before. Can't be too safe now with all those crazy girls.
  14. Jonsav

    2006 Manual Gallardo 13.6k Miles

    Wheels are a nice touch, GLWS
  15. Jonsav

    New Purchase

    congrats! great cars