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  1. Boom. https://www.google.com/search?q=Ashton+Estelle+Berkley
  2. Have personally seen this car. Absolutely perfect and in the wrapper, great guy to deal with as well! GLWS
  3. DUI Jim (Jim Yeargan). His focus is DUI, but the guy is a beast with pretty much all traffic violations. Based in GA, very fluent with Gwinnett, and has many connections throughout. Phone: (404) 467 1747 Email: [email protected] PM me if you need any help getting in touch with him...
  4. C, let me know if you need me and Graham to stop by. We can stash them at my building for a week if necessary.
  5. Compressed disk? Must have hurt like hell coming down that hard.
  6. I would assume 2nd and 3rd degree burns as well. He slid to a stop from over 200mph (which took forever). That kind of friction generates some serious heat!
  7. I think we're arguing a moot point. The driver just killed his kids. Drunk, not drunk- the father couldn't care less. I know my pops wouldn't.
  8. Just bought a Walther PPQ the other night, the gun shop I picked it up at has a brand new .45 XDS on the shelf as we speak. I'm sure you'd have to deal with shipping but if you're itching for it, I'll put you in touch.
  9. In regards to the lower salary and higher commissions? Perhaps, I can see how that is a possibility. Haven't given it much thought myself as it's his business. I am interested in seeing how it pans out though!
  10. A good friend of mine just began working closely with a staffing agency for sales people in the corporate video space. 30 day "probationary" period. If they don't generate dollars, he dumps them and the agency sends a replacement. If / when one does work out, he pays the agency a fee and keeps them. Damn near a slave trade. He's found sellers that want a lower salary in exchange for higher commission, which is a great sign. We'll see how it works out.
  11. W3Schools is solid. It's where I learned the basis for all my front end stuff (HTML, CSS, Javascript) Take their quizzes once you're done with each subject! After getting through W3Schools, you won't know it all, but you'll know how to ask the questions you need the answers to in Google. At that point if you're intuitive enough, you're home free.
  12. That's the 430 that was parked right outside Havana the night we went out for your B-Day (if you remember seeing it)... Small world.
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