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  1. Noooo, I was so excited. Anyone know of anything similar out there?
  2. Ya the negative for me was the interior. Im a bigger guy so it was very tight with hard seats and a huge steering wheel that makes for an even tighter fit. The power feel is amazing though and I like the brakes but for getting in and out and driving daily/weekly its too hard for me.
  3. I believe there is a truck in your area...
  4. Man I really hope this isn't the P14... I do not like the 570 look and this screams of the 570. After the glorious 675LT this would be a huge step backwards...
  5. Damn, LPDaddy, a 722 is very impressive! I bought a 07 SLR from Montreal last year and got a very good deal on it. Its a car I always wanted but after driving it around for a few weeks it wasn't the right fit for me. Its just sitting collecting dust now... But a 722 is easily one of my favourite Mercedes ever, along with my SL65 Black Series. They are definitely not cheap to maintain.
  6. Its at UGR right now getting set up for KILL mode and an end of the year video with TRC and 1320. I have some really cool things planned which I think will make for an awesome video
  7. Holy crap. Congrats man! Safe to say you definitely deserve the allocation. I took the 4 hours to fill out the 136 page questionnaire but when I got to the last page and saw that they expected me to post a video talking about why I should get this car, well its safe to say I maxed out the comment section about what I feel with their whole "process". Its absolutely ridiculous to me but kudos to you for sticking with it and getting the car! Cant wait to see updates!
  8. It is an experience that cannot be compared to anything else on the planet! I chose manual because its more drivable on the street. The car is so damn easy to drive even with the aggressive clutch required for so much power. The car gets taken out atleast once a week and always with race gas and setting 4, lol.
  9. Hey buddy, How is the car treating you? Getting enough seat time? The benefit of the Stage 3 is the response time on the turbo and a lot less lag. Must be a blast rowing gears in that!
  10. Congrats! Any mods planned? I opened mine up with a full exhaust with catless downpipes and a ECU Tuning Group tune and the car is a monster! 800+bhp
  11. This would be an epic weekend warrior. Congrats Kevin you guys killed it with this kit.
  12. Long time brother. Hope it was good things that were said? lol Definitely had my share of seat time in this car but now that it is manual it is the perfect car and so much more drivable than before with EGear
  13. Wow..... Just got off the phone with my friend John who sold me the Aventador. I guess I thought this was all resolved last night with the PMs with LPDaddy and posts through this thread but I guess not... John wanted to know why the hell is a guy named Chris calling and asking a bunch of questions with the car regarding was it sold and to whom at 3pm today... Lmao Honestly too far. I even posted pics of the car and included an unblurred license plate. I understand you guys want to make sure you don't have someone lying but this someone has well over a million dollars in cars he has posted here including a 330k turbo kit that 99/100 here couldn't drop on a 08 Gallardo. Can't help but to feel violated as nosey and intrusive people do bother me quite a bit. I won't be posting here anymore as this has obviously taken ALL of the fun out of a car forum when I even dicclosed way more info than I wanted to just so I don't seem like a liar... Now I'm under a magnifying glass and having my purchases checked, lol. For the record I have 2 Aventador SV Roadsters coming on German plates and working on getting a third on an Italian plate. And 2 675LT spiders coming. Because I stand to make a lot by selling them and I can keep the mileage low when I drive more than one. I will have a friend post a picture next summer just to verify that I indeed was not a fcuking liar. All the best.
  14. So funny! Similar to what I am wrapping my Aventador I just purchased. Just mine will be more brighter. That would look awesome on an SV! Are you considering that?
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