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  1. Hi All, I have noticed that some LP640's have a Lamborghini badge/emblem on the doors just under the mirrors. Is this a hard badge or just a decal? I would appreciate some advice of where I can source these from. Many Thanks
  2. Hi All, I am in need of the wiring diagram for my car. It does not appear to be included with the workshop manual. Has anyone here had any luck in getting a copy of the the wiring diagram for these cars? Appreciate any assistance and advice, if not access to a copy. Many Thanks
  3. Hi All, I am hoping any owners of a Murcielago/640/670 with HRE wheels can help me with information on the specifications of their wheels. I have a set of HRE 593R's which require re-barelling to suit my 640. Could I please ask what offsets, widths, and inner and outer barrels have been used on your wheels (front and rear). Ideally to match the older 3 piece designs such as 540R, 590R, 840R, 890R, 790R, 560R, etc. Codes on back of wheels give this information. Many Thanks
  4. Hi,

    Have you had any progress with the manual conversion to you Murcielago?

    Do you now have a consolidated parts list for the swap?

    I am interested for my own conversion to an LP640.

    Look forward to discussing your experience.

    Many Thanks

  5. Hi All, I am after a Murcielago project car, in the form of a wrecked/damaged but salvagable car with no major chassis damage. Drivetrain, suspension and cosmetic damage is fine, but interested in anything in need of repair and rebuilding. Also any part out cars or stripped chassis' laying around. Hardtop much preferred. Please let me know of anything you know of anywhere across the US, Canada, South America, Europe, and Middle East and Asia. Many Thanks.
  6. "I know of a local owner that did a top end build. Whether it involved changing out the cam, that I don't know. I need to find out though, in case I get the itch to mod." This is exactly what I want to do, build the top end, as much air and fuel and revs as the bottom end will handle. Please let me know as much as you can find out. Is the owner on the forum? I could never go turbo on a Lamborghini, completely against the very nature of the car/Brand. From what I've seen of prices for aftermarket turbo kits, you might as well engineer a whole new motor... AJ
  7. Hi, I would like to know if there are any aftermarket cams available for the Murcielago, Similarly, if there is all the associated valve gear available, such as springs & retainers (if required), etc. What type of lifters do they run? Thanks, AJ
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