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  1. DR4EYES

    Ferrari in hot water ?

    You guys are all too young to remember this, but it reminds me of Chrysler in the 70's disconnecting the odometer so the dealer folks could run errands. This sounds like big liability to me. Any attorneys care to weigh in on the legal issues?
  2. DR4EYES


    For the lower mileage and better options the ccb car is a no-brainer. The mileage is more important on a non LP car due to the differences in the clutch. I also like that you said it was a collector car. Probably driven easier than the other one. Check the egear snap for confirmation. Good luck and enjoy. The 08 SL is a really raw sports car experience! :-)
  3. DR4EYES

    Info on this BLU CAELUM Superleggera

    I would agree. Esperienza cars are not used for a few hot laps. So this car has a lot of track time on it. Since it departed Atlanta it has gotten a couple more thousand miles on it. LP Gallardo are really pretty bullet proof. Check the egear snap to see what's happened to it and get it discounted appropriately. Atlanta sold it in the low $180's. I probably wouldn't go more than low $170's.
  4. DR4EYES

    MKI SL @ Lambo Dallas

    I would bet the egear snap will show its been driven easily. The Carfax looks clean, probably image drivers. None of the owners look like leases. If I were in the market for an 08 SL I would check it out.
  5. DR4EYES

    MKI SL @ Lambo Dallas

    That sucks. You would hope that sort of thing would turn up on Carfax.
  6. DR4EYES

    Which Gallardo to buy?

    Buy what you like and figure it's going to go down in value. If you can't afford the depreciation don't buy the car. The SL or STS are the most unique Gallardo models and probably will depreciate less than other models.
  7. DR4EYES

    Full Carbon Reiter Extenso R-Ex

    My understanding is car weights are always dry weights. Otherwise comparison would be difficult. One car has 7 quarts of oil, another 10; One has 30 gallon gas tank another 20. Gas is 7 pounds a gallon. Our wives tell us their weight and you know that's naked (even though we never see them that way!), and nothing to eat for a week! It's all part of marketing and it's OK.
  8. DR4EYES

    Shoes for Gallardos

    The SL came standard with Corsas. My SL has them, they are very sticky. I don't have a problem with them. I had Michelin PS2 on my Carrera mileage is great, handling not as much. They are just a harder rubber. I also put PS Cups on my Carrera. A very fun tire, but again the mileage just isn't there. PS2 went 15,000 including some track time, Cups about 5,000 no track time. Corsas are a 5,000 mile tire. I'm back to PS2 on my Carrera now.
  9. DR4EYES


    Owner since September 2015. EYEDOC showed me the true way!
  10. Thanks Andy! I fell in love with the SL at an Esperienza. It's a drivers car and a totally different experience to the Murcie or Aventador. EYEDOC loves the beautiful flagship. The Murcie and Aventador are perfect for her. Nothing else comes close for cool design and presence. We look forward to driving the two and giving everyone our impressions.
  11. DR4EYES

    My Grigio Telesto LP570 Superleggera

    The SL is a drivers car. The short wheelbase with balance and power is an unbelievable combination.
  12. Nazy's should be here first. My SL is in Cheyenne.
  13. Watch out Eyedoc! DR4EYES is on the road! Thanks to BrIan and Lambo St Louis for making it happen so seamlessly. First rate people to work with.
  14. DR4EYES

    Help me understand this E-gear Snap reading

    I apologize. 2.8 mm of wear represents almost half wear on the clutch. Remaining life is roughly 55%. Also the car has been shifted 48,300 times.
  15. DR4EYES

    Help me understand this E-gear Snap reading

    I'm not an expert. Even someone that understands this would need a manual to interpret the whole thing. The important points to me would be: The car has 87% clutch life left. The odometer reading should be about 9,300 miles. The car has been launched twice. Most driving has been done in manual mode.