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  1. TTSL

    Recession coming?

    I do not believe we are going to have a hard recession, i just think it is going to slow down a bit. I think all the spending is going to catch up and people are going to slow down.
  2. TTSL

    Recession coming?

    I've been saying this for awhile now. Being in the construction industry I get to see how much money people are personally spending. When i show up to their new $650k house and they have 2 new $70k cars in the driveway and are installing a new pool out back, something isn't right, especially when they are both nurses or office staff lol. We are way to busy doing stupid stuff that we were doing right before the last crash. People are spending like crazy and you know they can't afford it. There are at least 8 new neighborhoods around me with houses that all start at $600k. They are definitely not worth that, and people are buying them like crazy and parking new SUVs right outside them. Personal friends of mine, both nurses, paid over 750k for their house in 07, then it crashed and the houses in their neighborhood started sell for $550k. Now they just took money out of their 401k to buy a $550k beach home... people are stupid.
  3. Looks amazing!!! Any pictures of the new stable mates??
  4. Yeah we have seen a few guys buy properties for their business and can't park trucks outside because of zoning or can't have employees inside even though its right next door to a place with tractor trailers. Definitely need to do your homework before you buy. You are right, it was never the county who brought up the issues, but the neighbors.
  5. Yeah i hear you, but depending where you are in the states i have seen them make people tear down decks, concrete patios, and buildings lol i guess the homeowner did not have a good enough lawyer lol
  6. Until they make you tear it down lol
  7. TTSL

    Home security

    https://hiddendoorstore.com/product/steel-security-door/ https://hiddenpassageway.com/security-doors/ These guys have some nice looking stuff. Very discrete doors or hidden doors.
  8. TTSL

    Home security

    Put some big ass screws/lags into the door strike, not the tiny ones that come with the door knobs and dead bolts. You already have an alarm so your covered there. You could do exterior cameras to keep an eye on things but that won't stop people from breaking in if they are determined and know you have stuff. Same with the camera inside the room, it will just let you watch them steal your things. I know you don't want a vault door, but it wouldn't hurt if you had one. I have seen vault doors that look like normal doors, but are heavy steel and can't be kicked down.
  9. Switches are cheap! Depends though, do you have cable behind each tv? Also, did they build the house with the smart switches? If they did you might be SOL because now they dont run romex, 120v wire for those who dont know, they run their own low volt wire back to the rack so now it would be impossible to add anything lol if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  10. Yeah I'm not a big fan of Alexa or google home, but my samsung TV says don't have sensitive conversations In front of it so I'm already SOL lol I wont buy another samsung. I dont like the advertisements they have at the bottom of the screen. Also every time I walk into a store google pops up on my phone and asks me for pictures and a review. There's no hope anymore!
  11. I was reading an article in CEPro magazine and they were saying how now Amazon is trying to hook up with big tract builders like Ryan homes and have the trades install their stuff. Already have the home with smart switches, the door bell, and thermostat, and amazon Alexa when its sold. They make an old work recessed bracket for the amazon dots, you can have them in every room in the ceiling. It's cheaper to just have the trades throw in that stuff when it's being built, and makes a nice extra for the builder. Also requires you to have cloud service and pay amazon monthly. Win win for all of them.
  12. For all the outside lights, we normally do a timer by the panel with a photoeye outside for the lights. On at dusk, off at whenever you want with the timer. Very simple and very cheap and bullet proof. Some home automation makes sense, especially for theaters. I also like water sensors down by the water heaters and sump pumps. But one client just got a $120k quote for smart home stuff. Seems a tad silly lol
  13. I agree with you Fortis. I own my own electrical company, and the house we are building they wanted all of that installed. Once they saw it in action they were unimpressed by it. Having 3 cable boxes for 10 TVs, needing special remotes and HDMI switches and volume control in every room for the speakers in the ceiling and controlling it from your phone, It's stupid. The only thing I can see having is the automatic shades If you have tall ceilings, a smart door bell, locks and smoke detectors. Other than that, lighting control is a waste to me. Way to much money for it. Put your TV on the wall, cable box behind it, sonos sound bar and sub and be done. They now make special wall mounted brackets for the play 1 that are nice if you want surround. But now you have whole home audio in every room with sonos. Ceiling speakers don't compare to the sonos, especially for ease of use with the sonos app. Some contractors also lock you in with their own license so you have to call them back to maintain it. If you want to get bent over and railed, go for the custom automation.
  14. TTSL


    Anyone see the urus in the monster electronics commercial?
  15. TTSL


    Did you get yours yet? November is coming to an end quickly lol
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