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  1. Glad to help out. The more we know about these cars the better.
  2. All of the true Anniversary cars are designated as LP560-2 models denoting the combination of 560 HP and RWD only for these cars. I don't believe any of the other 2013-14 cars have the 560-2 designation. They are all 560-4 or 550-2. There is nothing in the VIN to specify the car as a true Anniversary car. Only the 2013 model year cars would have the "50th" badge and not all of them have it. I have no idea what the protocol was for Lamborghini assigning that badge to some cars. Any reputable dealer would be able to tell you if the car is a true Anniversary model. Also, if you can provide us with the VIN, we may be able to help. Sounds like you are in the UK. There are only six Euro-spec manual Anniversary cars that we know of and the latest information on two of them has them outside of the UK. Don't know the location of the other four. If you want an egear car they may be easier to find and will certainly cost less.
  3. All 25 of the USA and all 3 of the Canada Anniversary cars are manual and are Bianco Opalis. There are Euro-spec cars in other colors and some do have egear. Do not know the total number of Anniversary cars worldwide. These should not be confused with some 2013 cars that have a "50th" badge. That was just installed to celebrate Lamborghini's 50 years of production and do not designate a special model. In the US, there are only 5 Balbonis with a manual. Not sure how many total Balbonis were sold worldwide but most of them are egear. Valentino is probably shaking his head about that. There are four manual LP Superleggeras in the US and three manual Performante Spyders. Not sure about worldwide numbers in either transmission for these models. Any of these special models, definitely the manuals, will likely appreciate in value in the future.
  4. Any model with a manual transmission should actually appreciate over time. Manuals are already bringing a healthy premium over egear and they aren't making any more of them.
  5. Echoing the previous advice of driving a few Gallardos (egear/manual; AWD/RWD) to understand the car. There are plenty of Lamborghini dealers in Fl so it would be worth a drive to one or two for test drives and education. I suspect as noted you will not be thrilled with the base engine coming out of your Corvette. A TT Gallardo may be what you're looking for and there always seems to be a few available at reasonable prices. UGR appears to be the preferred system but I'll defer to the experts on TT advice. Good luck and hope you find something you like.
  6. That car was sold to Japan in April, 2016. It was never clear if the proper documentation was obtained to import it to the US.
  7. There are three manual Performantes in the US. Two black and one blue, as noted above. As outrageous as the asking price is for the car at L Houston, it will probably look like a bargain at some point in the future. Manual LPs in general are rare to begin with and this one will benefit from one of the well-proven tenets of the collector car market: When the top goes down, the price goes up.
  8. This car is the ONLY US spec LP560-4 manual in yellow and may be the only US LP manual in the "Final Series" configuration. Very rare indeed. Since the last two US LP manuals sold for over $200K it's a bit surprising this car is still available at this price. Perhaps the market is softening a bit as we've seen on other cars i.e. Porsche. A few years from now, this car will most likely be significantly higher.
  9. There are four US spec manual LP570-4 Superleggeras. Two black; one white; one grigio lynx. Can you post the last 5 digits of the VIN for the one you were offered if its a US spec car? Thanks.
  10. There are five. Three white; one orange; one blue
  11. Thanks Andy. Still looking forward to a ride in your Superleggera. But you will not convert me to the egear dark side!
  12. Thanks for all the positive feedback on this project both on the forum and in private emails. Happy to provide some information that may help members in the search for their ideal Gallardo in the future. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a safe-driving New Year to all!!
  13. Thanks empunker. Just thought I'd note how many of the 59 LP manuals are owned by members of this and the other forum. I believe there are more egear Balbonis than manuals. That probably doesn't sit well with Valentino!
  14. The short answer is: 1. Check all the sites with cars for sale on a regular basis. VINs and photos on those sites confirm the model and color. 2. Have fellow forum members who are also interested contribute information however they get it. 3. Network with friends of friends of friends until you find contacts within Lamborghini who are willing to share information. 4. PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE. You will get lots of false and conflicting information -- even from Lamborghini! This process only took me about 18 months to complete the LP manual list for US cars. Good luck with pre-LP, Egear and global production.
  15. Hi empunker, Looks like you have one of the five manual Balbonis. Is it the Blu Caelum car or one of the three white ones? There's a white one in Hawaii but I'm guessing that yours is one of the other two.
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