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  1. Easy888

    Need opinion on rear trunk spoiler

    Thanks guys. Appreciate all your opinions.
  2. Guys, just wanted to get some opinions here on whether or not a trunk spoiler would be in good taste to add onto a Rolls Royce Ghost. I understand that some might not even like what I've done with the car already, but that's ok. To each their own. But currently I do have Vorsteiner front lip and side skirts and have some aftermarket wheels: I'm contemplating on whether or not to add a rear trunk lid spoiler. It would be similar to this style. Again, not sure if I would go through with it or not, just looking for opinions. Thanks.
  3. Easy888

    Is the Model X a perfect daily driver?

    On another note, seems like Porsche and Mercedes aren't too far off from launching their version of fully electric cars. I'm curious to see what price point they would be at and what would fall into direct competition against Tesla within their respective price brackets.
  4. Easy888

    Is the Model X a perfect daily driver?

    Had a Model S (P100D) for a little while. Still not a fan of not being able to pull into any gas station when needed. You're somewhat reminded of just how far you are from any given Supercharger station on that map and I think that instills a little anxiety. This is personal of course. But beyond that, the price of a higher performance Tesla crosses into the price point of luxury European cars that feel miles better in terms of comfort and build quality. Case in point the P100D we had was practically overlapping the price of an S63 sedan. And I think I would prefer the S63 at that price. Speed might be addicting, but it wore off quick once I started wishing that everything else caught up to the level of the price.
  5. Easy888

    New toy

  6. Easy888

    Mercedes G 4x4 squared

    Are they still making the 4x4? Or are you referring to the completely new and redesigned G?
  7. Easy888

    Mercedes G 4x4 squared

    Nice pick up Eddie. Looks like you and I were chasing the exact same car from the same dealer. But you beat me by less than 24 hrs. Close race, but my search goes on. Enjoy it!
  8. Easy888

    Annual Motorized wheelchair giveaway

    Good on you bro. Well done. This pic says 1000 words.
  9. Easy888

    My Bugatti Chiron has arrived

    Speechless....absolutely speechless. Congrats and enjoy.
  10. Easy888

    Can't decide, need advice (S63/G500 4x4)

    There's nothing interior wise that would set it apart from the standard G. But if you ever get a chance to sit it one, you may "get it".
  11. Easy888

    Can't decide, need advice (S63/G500 4x4)

    Had s Panamera S in the past. Not too interested in the new one either at this time.
  12. Easy888

    Can't decide, need advice (S63/G500 4x4)

    Had one of those in the past. Didn't care for it. In fact that went towards our current RR.
  13. Easy888

    Can't decide, need advice (S63/G500 4x4)

    As strange as it may sound the regular G doesn't do it for me. The 4x4 square would be the only G class I'd consider simply based on it's uniqueness.
  14. Easy888

    Can't decide, need advice (S63/G500 4x4)

    I wasn't comparing them within the parameter of pricing. More so that we have a potential car to get rid of and these two were at the top of our choices. One a sensible daily, the other a wacky bonkers SUV.
  15. Easy888

    Can't decide, need advice (S63/G500 4x4)

    Thanks guys for all the feedback. You all are a lot sensible than I imagined For some reason I would have imagined that the G would have garnered more votes, but seems like the S is the better (perhaps more obvious choice). In regards to the long wheelbase RR, for us I think its more of just moving on and trying out a different brand altogether. Will consider RR again when the next gen hits the market. Thanks again all!