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  1. Whoa whoa whoa, wait a second. They've done a run/runs with big tire and UGR hasn't told us what it ran? What a fcuking tease. Drag365 Huracan fast as fcuk in the roll racing today. Too bad it lost at the start
  2. Didn't it get posted awhile back that someone in Texas bought two billet blocks to put in a Stage 3? lol
  3. Needs more downforce that is trimmable for venues like this
  4. Did the Red DCT car make it to the event? Looking forward to more power tomorrow for the Drag365 car
  5. Really close race! I believe the owner stated the GT-R was stock in one of these videos
  6. You realize the word quirky often has a positive connotation, right? You still aren't contributing anything to this thread. I've sat in McLarens but never driven one. I'm not qualified to make statements about ergonomics other than I think the seats are nice and the view out front is excellent. I don't have any issue with switchgear placement either. But continue on shitting on things and people without furthering the value of this thread. I have no idea what the Senna seats are like though. Maybe you do... Do you not like the steering wheel shape or adjustment? Pedal placement? Just say it. I have no idea
  7. My question was for VCR. You added absolutely nothing to this thread, and I'm genuinely curious as to what the ergonomic quirkiness is. Is he referring to paddle position or size, switch placement, seat design, pedal placement. What? Would be courteous to give a straight answer. PS, I was completely right about the GT2RS as it was obvious to everyone who read about that car and had knowledge of the Cup 2R tire. I try to stay as far from subjective opinions as possible. The vast majority of what I post is regarding objective data. This VCR statement really intrigues me though. It's something I haven't heard in over 4 years of paying attention to McLaren. Quirky doesn't even necessarily mean bad.
  8. More like I've never heard of anyone ever having problems with it. Why don't you pitch in Fortis and explain it for all of us instead of being unconstructive?
  9. What's wrong with the ergonomics?
  10. I hope this makes it to Pikes Peak next year to smash the record. Imagine the acceleration with lower gearing :0
  11. Senna seats are an option. Just to correct you, it has the double wishbones from the 720S and 720S brakes, not Senna suspension. It's also still the super series non-hydraulic suspension and has anti roll bars. Exhaust flames come standard! This will be a driver's car, probably more fun than a 675LT. It has latest generation bespoke Trofeo R. Will be grippy
  12. I know you guys used to soft launch for half mile. Is that still the case?
  13. But in this case, the #3 is the world beater
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