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  1. how much does your neighbor want and the miles? Here is the 1500 mile one that recently sold for $46,000 + 5% fee on BAT - https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2000-mercedes-benz-sl500-17/ Here is the 5500 mile one that recently sold for $29,750 + 5% fee on BAT - https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1999-mercedes-benz-sl500-29/ Right now there's a 43k mile on on BAT ending tomorrow and the bid is up to $16,000 already, it just seems these bids came out of nowhere bc I looked at one maybe 2 years ago, good shape and seller wanted $8k for like 85k miles.
  2. how many miles does yours have labrit? Im curious if its possible the low mileage ones are getting top dollar bc there are so few of the thousands made.
  3. Been watching the auctions recently and a 1500 mile SL500 sold for $46,000 on BAT, then a 5k mile one sold for $29,750 and then today a 15k mile one sold for $22,000 at barret jackson vegas. The 107 560SL before it are selling for a lot of money with alot of miles and the 129's are still cheap a couple sold at barret jackson today for like $6k. Do you guys see the 129 being classic cars, the low mileage examples obviously. I know they made a ton of them, but have to imagine not many low mile examples left as most were just daily drivers but to me there isn't a more classic design that says 90's than the 129 SL
  4. ferrari is done as a brand, these new cars marchionne is gonna mass produce them. The 458 speciale supposedly 3000 were made. They're all about profit now not low quantities. The older Ferraris will probably go up in value bc the brand is going to expand to a whole new audience like porsche.
  5. was just in vegas and my cabbie made an interesting statement to me. He said his wife waters plants at the wynn and she has a 2 way radio and its bogus that the security guard at mandalay did not.
  6. Whats most intriguing to me is have you guys seen the production numbers on things like a jaguar E type? Over 30,000 made. If you look at the 300 SL mercedes between roadster and coupe almost 4000 were made. These Ferraris from the 90s/00s that havent really appreciated like say the 512 testarossa or the 575M were both made in quantities right around 2000 units total and both have way way way more performance than either the 300SL or the jaguar E type. I just think cars appreciate alot when the kids who would dream of them could finally afford them. The scarcity or lack thereof with things like jaguar E type or 1960s american muscle cars is crazy when you look at their values and compare to these 90s/00s Ferraris that are actually way way rarer.
  7. Jonas Im thinking of getting a 575 F1 bc I think they're the most beautiful and prices have come down alot, whats your take on the one you have?
  8. Manual are fun but annoying day to day usage. It wasn't the same as a Ferrari but my first car 20 years ago in high school was a manaul and what a pain in the ass that was, definitely would have paid $12,000 extra for F1 if I was ordering a new ferrari in 2002. I really cannot believe a 575 manual is $300-400k and an F1, better in every way is literally $100-120k. Unreal.
  9. All Im saying is all the commentators on here and Fchat, they all seem to ignore the F1 cars as junk bc of the F1 paddles and Im just saying that sticks were much cheaper to have at the time and nobody wanted them. Sure a few guys are overpaying now, but the F1 system rocks and is honestly not bad at all. When I see guys say its lurchy or clunky I really question if they've ever owned or driven one. All I know is cars that are less scarce than 550s or 575s like porsche 930s and ferrari testarossas are trading at crazy values and when the maranellos age, they are way scarcer, only 1800 575 F1s. Thats the lowest run "production" ferrari in a long time and it will be an amazing car long term value wise bc of its beauty.
  10. If you love the maranello, lets say 575, and you clearly have $400k sitting around. Would you rather a stick 575 or a F1 575 + F1 599 + a 355. Thats what we're looking at now with where 575 with a stick prices are. Dealers can ask whatever they want but there really aren't any trading hands at these levels. Most just sit and sit. All Im saying is look back at history the 930 Porsche they made over 20k of them look where they're at now well into that $120-200k range. You look at Testarossa and its utter garbage to drive and they made over 7000 of them and its well over $100k now. I could go on and on but cars like the 360 they made over 16,000 of them and the 458 over 20,000 of them. Ferrari is going mainstream, they're a public company now and want to make more money. they're building a bigger fan base than ever. Then you look at the 550 and they made 3600 and the 575 even fewer at 2000. Ask yourself how many of each still exist today and its not many. They made more 246 dinos than 575 maranellos and those are well into the $300-400k range and honestly no kids that are young today would even want that. The maranellos are the last breed of Ferrari V12 that was made in small quantities, the 575 was basically 500 cars/year for 4 years.......To see people say they're not a future classic bc its F1 and not stick is silly. People have art work trading at $20-30m that cant hold a candle to a 550 or 575 in terms of beauty. So yea I do believe when you make 2000 575's and they're F1, so what bc all the modern ferraris are made in way larger quantities and honestly no 599 or 612 or F12 or FF is anywhere near as beautiful as a 550/575 on any level.
  11. That's todays crop of old,wealthy enthusiasts. Im in my late 30s and I havent driven a stick since I was in high school and dont care to honestly it was a huge pain when I was stuck in traffic. Again the F1 systems were a significant upgrade when they came out dollar wise bc it was just all around better. It doesnt matter if a few enthusiasts are paying premiums now bc most stick cars are coming down and few are selling. A dealer near me had a stick 575 listed for almost $400k for a year and they took it down and told me the owner just took it back. I mean realistically Im sure its a ton of fun but you can buy a 575 for $100k now, what crazy person pays 4x that just for a stick?
  12. I think people are really overrating manual cars today. It's a joke tbh. Back in the day you paid significantly more to not have a manual when ordering a new f430 or 575. Just bc a few old guys today are in love and overpaying doesnt mean anything. Realistically those guys will be dead in 40-50 years and everyone in their 30s today who would have wanted a 430,550,575 etc growing up they probably grew up driving paddles or automatics and wont even want sticks. The sticks are hot now with old people who wont be around in 30 years, I truly believe the value gaps will close. Its ridiculous a 360 with a stick is more than a 575 with paddles today. A 575 F1 is a better car in everyway.
  13. Obviously we know the scuderia and the challenge stradale and 599 GTO will all be classics. What I mean is will we see any of the regular ones ie 355,360,550,575,599,etc be classics one day? For me I think the Maranellos will be be. The 575 esp bc its the first v12 with paddles and this young generation of kids will grow up not wanting sticks like their parents, that combined with only 1800 made and I think it will be a classic. The 550 is nice but I think its being overvalued now vs the 575 on the basis of having a stick, as all cars with sticks are overpriced right now. I also think the 355 GTS will be a classic one day but the maintenance costs of the 355 will hold it back, the maranellos are cheaper to maintain bc the belts are at the front of the engine and dont need the whole engine removed to change. I look at all the front engine V12's of the past like the 365 daytona, 275 GTB, 330 GTC, etc and they're all so valuable today and cars like the 550 and 575 to me are much more beautiful, more powerful, and just more in demand with the generation growing up today. The 575 especially I think 2000 were made.I dont know why but I feel like those cars can be $500k+ in 20 years.
  14. Is it located in south beach? Is so its probably the same car, i would post the license plate but i dont want to invade the owners privacy. I literally never see this car move, it doesn't even have a cover on it, the other exotics in this building that dont move have covers. It's just hooked up to a charger and thats it
  15. So there is this very nice black murcielago just sitting at my condo for months, its on a battery buddy and the owner never seems to drive it. I dont know the mileage or service history but I'd love to leave the owner a note on the car to see if he'd sell it. I don't even think he lives here full time and its probably a vacation home. Anyways how would you go about trying to make a deal with a car like this. It's got a 6 speed so I know its worth significantly more than an automatic, but what is it really worth, not what dealers are asking, what is it trading for? Can someone please help me come up with an offer price for low miles or high miles assuming its been serviced or not serviced. The car is in miami
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