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  1. M5V10

    my new 650s arrived!

    Congrats Bill! Absolutely perfect spec.
  2. M5V10

    let's go webster!

    Congrats David!
  3. M5V10

    Awesome Birthday Cake

    That's awesome! Good to see you last night man, and Happy Birthday!
  4. Bump. Price drop to $4100 shipped and insured.
  5. M5V10

    Only gold will do!

    Congrats! Incredible car purchased from a great guy.
  6. Thanks for the compliments! It really is a great looking/classy watch. UN's have a unique style.
  7. It's a beautiful watch, but I've been wearing my other pieces more and need to make room for something else I have my eye on. The watch is 99%. Crystal is perfect, band shows no wear, no scratches on the back casing, and the bezel is in fantastic shape. There is a tiny mark on the bezel above the 12 marker that can't be seen, but you can feel the slightest indentation if you run your finger over it a few times...I'm picky. Watch comes with the original box, Limited Edition booklet (1846 pieces), leather portfolio, and the COSC Certification. PM me for more pictures or questions. Asking $4400 OBO shipped and insured.
  8. M5V10

    Am I crazy

    It's a nice car. Just took one home for the weekend...I wouldn't buy one, but it's worlds apart from the previous gen in both the looks and performance category.
  9. This car is an absolute monster and a great buy for someone. Awesome car. Good luck with the sale Andrew!
  10. M5V10

    Looking for White 570

    I think that's a better idea.
  11. M5V10

    Looking for White 570

    I'll take "delivery" if you need me to...
  12. M5V10

    Lamborghini Veneno

    Absolutely incredible Kris! The Veneno is a level of crazy that only Lamborghini could reach and pull off successfully. Your plan to use the car for charity work is admirable, and proof that 1 of the 3 cars couldn't have gone to a more deserving person and enthusiast. Good luck making it through the wait time without losing your sanity!
  13. M5V10

    New LP570-Superleggera Owner!

    Great to have you on here Dave! You have the Lambo disease now so don't expect it to go away!