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  1. Brand new in box. $300 shipped, add 3% for PayPal if not sent as gift. Here is pics of what they look like installed:
  2. Can you post pictures of the scratches and any damage? PM the price you're looking for, maybe I'll grab it from you.
  3. Pictures and current price?
  4. iownedu

    FS: A very nice UGR twin turbo! - Sold

    SOLD to me awhile back. Car is currently at UR getting a full refresh done, can't wait to get it home.
  5. iownedu

    FS: 2008 UGR Gallardo SL - Sold

    Does this have race heads?
  6. iownedu

    FS: 2008 UGR Gallardo SL - Sold

    New wheels? Wish it had CCB's, I'd be considering it!
  7. Has brackets, plug, and CD cartridge. Works great, email for pictures. $75 shipped. Pm or email: [email protected]
  8. Used only a couple of times, very clean. $215 shipped, pm or email please: [email protected] Email for pictures, too large to attach apparently.
  9. Oh ok, I was hoping these 2R's were capable/tuned to 1100-1150whp like the standard stage 3 with race heads are. I mostly run pump and was looking for an upgrade in whp on pump.
  10. Do you have Dyno sheets for the pump gas and race gas tunes? I assume 3 pump gas settings and 1 for vp import? Also, I thought the recent built 2R's had their aftermarket intake manifolds? Thanks
  11. iownedu

    How many Gated Verde Ithaca Pre-LP's?

    Yes it was Bernards since new, mine is NOT the rebuilt car.
  12. iownedu

    How many Gated Verde Ithaca Pre-LP's?

    I have one, 06 SE with 15k miles, Heffner 1000TTG. I bought it from the original owner in Sarasota.
  13. iownedu

    WTB: Looking for TT pre-LP Gallardo.

    That is correct. I picked up a stage 2 Heffner car. Almost bought a stage 3 UGR car but they didn't go down quite to the number I was comfortable with on that particular car. I figured I'll start with the stage 2 car and if it's not enough power for me, I'll find a 1r or 2r for sale at a later time.
  14. iownedu

    FS: Dymags for Gallardo

    Would you consider mounting the matte spoked ones on your car and selling me the gloss spoked set?
  15. Have one available? What can you do for me for price shipped to 80233?