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  1. Awesome collection!! Several iconic pieces
  2. Shouldn't be, I don't think Lambo is weird about selling cars like Ferrari
  3. So your getting rid of Barney?!? Did you talk to Michael at Weissach? They could probably move it fairly quickly
  4. Conor has decent takedown defense. If Khabib can get through two rounds then try and grind him, maybe. I'm going with Conor based on shear freak athleticism and speed
  5. Ive been happy with my Bottega Veneta wallet, its pretty slim and looks classy without being shouty. Not cheap but its held up well over the last couple of years
  6. Geez good for you! That's an awesome DIY thread
  7. Agreed, if you have no intention of selling then you should buy what you like. I never buy with resale in mind but there is a satisfaction when you know what you have and enjoy is still appreciating.... also with watches sometimes its nice to trade in after a few years for something else.
  8. Theyre beautiful watches and one of the oldest watch houses but for some reason don't hold their values. The ultra thin overseas is a beautiful watch.. investment wise tho Patek and AP are still king I would say
  9. If they were begs the question how prepared they are
  10. Looks like we got our own LP international crisis... this is more fire power and fury then the likes of what anyones ever seen lol
  11. Agreed, if your in fear of being killed for testifying you wouldn't want to parade around in a blue Veyron.. I wouldn't think
  12. Looks like he raided the super villain catalog.....
  13. She has a VIN... odometer check is ok, no accidents, one owner..............inspection from we go look and low monthly payments lol.... reading her description sounds like shes a load of fun with zero baggage
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