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  1. I have a pre lp gallardo thats a 2009 seems pre lp stopped at 2008 so im confused which decat pipes will fit ? They go from 2003-2008 unless my car is an 08 and was registered a year late ? Its def a pre lp 5 ltr and already has a tubi fitted any help anyone ? Many thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys im fairly new to this and really struggling to upload any photos or avatar , i have looked through threads but the search function doesnt find anything either ? Sorry for being stupid here , thanks in advance
  3. Sorted now thanks , turns out you only have 30secs to connect once cars turned on . Its a bit crappy connection but working Cheers dudes
  4. Hi all i have trawled posts but cant find the answer ? My 09 gallardo seems to have lost bluetooth , it did work and allows me to add pin code ect but no symbol appears on head unit and phone doesnt find it , it was working same phone ect anyone had this ? Many thanks in advance
  5. Melcoolio

    Door handle

    Hey all hope your all well. I have searched the forum but not found a thread if there is one ? The door handle cover has popped off my 09 gallardo as caught the corner of it on my belt . Does anyone have a clue how it goes back on ? Its drivers side and the whole cover including key cover , i found a couple pieces of plastic on the floor bit not sure if they are part of it , i have tried to re fit but its not tight so not sure if i have broken a clip or something ? So far i can only think a couple blobs of silicone to hold it back on tight ? Thanks in advance 😀
  6. Melcoolio


    Both garages say they can feel the issue and it doesnt drive quite right , as they have much better experience with how it should feel ,
  7. Melcoolio


    Thank you , turns out ithe first garage said they tried reversing up a slight incline and it slipped like mad , the seller now has it at the lamborghini garage to sort out , even though the clutch is nearly new they suspect it is still the issue ? Basicly i found these issues within 2 weeks of buying so its up to the dealer to put it right and sort this plus a couple other issues for me . Im sure its in the best hands now so just waiting to see what they find out now , either way hopefully the issues get resolved . I waited a long time to buy my dream car and for the ammount of money it just has to be right or i will reject the car . It needs to be right for peace of mind
  8. Melcoolio


    Its at lamborghini at the moment to try resolve it as its under warrenty under 30 days old to me , they have said theres a problem with the throttle bodies thoughmany thanks for your help 😀
  9. Melcoolio


    Its a 2009 e gear with 18k miles on the clock
  10. Melcoolio


    Sorry about the double post , yes its not really responsive in1st unless you floor it , yes hesitating . Rhe local supercar place who have a fantastic rep thought it was clutch slip , but if i drive it i dont feel it through the gears at all only setting off . They swore it was a clutch issue ? I do have an evo 8 thats 400bhp but the gallardo is another level , i not driven one before so hard to tell exactly but the garage drives cars like this daily it was their senior tec who said clutch
  11. Melcoolio


    Well the car was sold to me as having a new clutch , the car had a couple small issues so the dealer i bought it from sent me to a local upercar garage near where i live , they checked it all over and said the clutch was slipping . I hadnt at all noticed this until they mentioned it , but then it never slips shifting gear but does req a little more pedal in first gear to make it move . The dealer i got it from has today said he has sent the rar to lamborghini ( not seen the proof yet ) and the test says its still got 98% left on it which is good . But they said the odd way its acting they think is down to a faulty throttle body ( its ticking over a little high ) could this be the case , i have had a couple issues with the dealer so will call lamborghini directly to back this up , seems odd as i was told on friday it was booked in with them but when i called they said it wasnt . Taken me a long time to get my dream car and it has to be right . Thanks in advance
  12. Hi all , new in here so heres my gallardo 😀 well it would be if i could get it to upload lol
  13. Hi all , new in here so heres my gallardo 😀
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