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    I love super cars all brands. But my heart will always go on for that sick LAMBO! Please check out my Youtube channel https://youtu.be/iepzjUejXpQ

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  1. Guess that makes both of us,,,i’m numbered 15
  2. Dude you're making me REALLY envious right now haha like I said I just know in my heart even if I'm on a rocket ship and see a SVJ my heart is gonna pound ,,,,,I'm waiting for the Roadster allocation...so u gonna do the Roadster ? Ps. Lambo forever man.
  3. Damn u know what? I was gonna jump ship to get the 720S Spider I just knew if I see SVJ Roadster driven by I'm gonna wish and drool for sure,,,,,now the real question is it worth it to get the 63 SVJ Roadster or the regular SVJ ROADSTER LOL
  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts...its so good reading it!
  5. I gotta be honest it killing me sitting here waiting for the allocation..can you share your review if it's worth the wait? Compared to the S?
  6. Interesting theory ...that would be cool for sure..did the Murcie Sv appreciate?
  7. Just wish the numbers were lower them SV
  8. I am close to joining u in the cancellation. 20k sitting there as a deposit for 6 months now lol
  9. There’s 3 more coupes sitting at another dealer also.
  10. Damn you just ruined their plan lol
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