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  1. Yeah its funny Tom insisted that the lambo clear coat is thick enough and not to worry and save some coin... Lol
  2. That’s not what my sales rep said (Tom Brasil) Las Vegas Lamborghini
  3. Dude I swear I never usually see A owners driving around.. There is this green one tho being rented all the time from Royal Exotic lol with the douche bag renter posing to own one haha... Btw I deposited for the SVJ ROADSTER. We should meet up man!
  4. You don’t like the wing huh
  5. trying to upload couple more hang on
  6. Was reading it. Looks like alot of people are bitching about the SVJ been given to people that havn't bought Lamborghinis new? Lol. I bought mine new TWICE,,i did got an offer for the SVJ Roadster allocation,,not sure if it's worth the trade tho,,,the A Roadster S i took delivery 7 months ago still drive awesome i have 1150 miles on it.
  7. When I had Huracan they gave me the model as well. Don’t let your salesmen GET AWAY with this !! ?? If u let them they will lazy their way out of getting u one!
  8. Cool man I'll check it out.. Thank you! So what u riding?
  9. I was on a long phone call with Tom. He suggested to not even get the clear wrap.. Just get a California duster.. Lol Sounds good to me haha
  10. He doesn’t work there anymore I don’t think
  11. Hi every body, Does anyone here from Las Vegas? I need a good recommendation for clear wrapping my Aventador S Roadster. Didnd't want to just go straight to dealer even though I am tempted just to get it over with. GOAL: In Vegas cars get so dusty so fast would be nice for me to be able to use the duster since the paint would be protected. Anyone in Vegas know a good place please point me the right direction,,,Thanks in advance!
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