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    I love super cars all brands. But my heart will always go on for that sick LAMBO! Please check out my Youtube channel https://youtu.be/iepzjUejXpQ

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  1. I agree with you on making videos that have value. I assume you're referring to DDE based on those types of titles?
  2. Agreed that 100%...just don't understand why he's mad..point of being here is to share our love for the brand lol
  3. DoctaM3, You're actually was one my inspiration to start my Youtube channel. I watched you when I was starting out on my Journey on Supercars ( When you had the yellow Aventador maybe first in the nation?) Anyway i been noticing you're not as active on Youtube as much. Any good advice at all?
  4. I went to creed concert had a blast that was my first bad ass!!
  5. Pm me your details? It's not letting me send u messages I'm on Instagram ponydiamond3000
  6. The $35k make sense.. Anything beyond that I don't like the deal. However, atleast it's discussed upfront.
  7. Appreciate you guys watching. I'm still looking for Allocation anyone can point me to right direction I would appreciate it.
  8. Am Im a good customer ? Yes, in fact it be my 4th Lamborghini Each and every time I had to deal with a different guy for some weird reason! Yes I did a video of my salesman bitching at me for putting up video,,but this situation have nothing to do with the video at all. Just Dealership B.S. Due to their own sales number dropping. Forgive me if you feel this is some sort of a gimmick to have you watch the video. You don't have to. Appreciate your commenting tho.
  9. I had a preliminary spec ,,technically i haven't spec anything yet ,,i gave them $20k like 8 months ago with a horrible communication process. It's all in the video man,,it be too long to talk about here lol
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