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  1. Is anything that you received sharable? Spec options and so on. I heard some small hints from a close friend who was shown the same thing but it was just words. No pictures or anything
  2. Patent drawings have leaked. I wont share them atm but you guys want I can
  3. I actually prefer your 50th
  4. I was talking to our mutuql friend Alex Aalto last night about you! You should bring the LP720! I am actually dying to see it
  5. Can you share something about the Unica App update? I am not an owner. Just a massive fan of the Lamborghini Brand so I do not get these things
  6. Is there any more info on the specific stops? I was just last night discussing a trip to the factory this Spring because I wanted to re-live the amazing time I had ten years ago. But until now I had not seen anything at all about such event. Ending at the factory like last time?
  7. That gives me a bit of comfort. The picture I was shown was of like 25% of the rear of the car. So I have no idea how most of the car looks yet. But I am a bit worried.
  8. Borkert should design a tombstone for Centro Stile. It saddens me to say this because my love of cars started out with Lamborghini. Back when I was a kid I used to see a black Diablo on my way to preschool and it was love at first sight. Ever since that first day I saw it I have always had Lambo at the top. Along with Koenigsegg but they are not really in the same class. But Lambo is slowly slipping away. Trouble is I don't feel any sort of love and massive passion for any other brad. McLaren is crap, Ferrari is a bit too safe imo, Porsche can be amazingly epic, but can also be amazingly boring. So Lambo needs to sack Ze German and get a proper design boss to save its reputation and brand. I never thought I would say that. But I just did.
  9. I actually came across a picture today of a small part of the rear. From what I saw I was not impressed. I really hope when I get to see the real car in the end of March that I was wrong today. But right now I am very worried that Mitja Borkert cocked it up. I am not a fan of his work for Lambo if I am honest. He is no Gandini or Perini that's for sure.
  10. I get that you are under embargo as of right now. Did they give you guys any date when you can talk :)? Game Changer ey?! Sounds interesting! Right now the name of the car and the V12's displacement is what I really wanna find out I'll keep on fishing I guess. Btw, How close from 1-10 would you say this render is to the real deal?
  11. Do we have anything else to mention about the new car? Someone here must know something juicy.
  12. Saw this on the interwebz. Sounds to me like a Ferrari-like screen with the speedometer and what ever else it features. A great touch and I am glad Lambo is doing this to the "LB744".
  13. I mean if done right then it can look very cool. Its super cleanly done on the Veyron imo. But It can also look very naked like in the various testmules that have been seen around the world. I just hope they fix the wiring birds nest that we have seen on the prototypes It looks messy with all the wires all over the place.
  14. That last part sounds amazing! Did they leak the name for the people at the previews?
  15. Sounds very sad if true! Anyway: https://carbuzz.com/news/lamborghini-revuelto-edges-closer-to-american-arrival
  16. Yeah it's sad how this forum has died! But I am glad to see you are here still 18th of December seems to be a date where they are doing VIP previews of the car I heard. And it seems they are doing small events in different countries.
  17. https://www.carscoops.com/2022/11/lamborghini-aventador-replacement-reveals-8500-rpm-redline-in-new-spy-shots/ Some new spy shots of the car. Now with the dashboard visible!
  18. I have not found a good thread where we can discuss the rumors or info about this new V12 bull. So I started this one. Let's get talking
  19. Usually Lambo reveal the car in the app 24h prior to the official reveal. So is it out there yet?
  20. The car arrived a few days ago. It was rainging during delivery so the car is a bit dirty. But it looks so nice in person. 10/10
  21. How do you know? I can not find anything about it on his channels?
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