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  1. Dropping price to A$1,950 for the pair and free shipping worldwide.
  2. Stunning clour combo for a stunning car, congrats.
  3. Not that difficult at all although I recommend a panel expert to install them if you're anything like me on the DIY front.
  4. Plus free postage Worldwide
  5. I've dropped the asking price to A$2,750 for the pair.
  6. Hi, I'm located in Melbourne and thanks for the tip.
  7. I recently fitted a DMC body kit to my Huracan but opted to keep my original side mirrors. As a result, I'm selling as a package the carbon fibre left and right side mirror housing with door mount supports (4 pieces in total). These items are brand new and have never been used. DMC Tuning is Germany's premier carbon fibre specialist for high-end exotic cars. A single mirror package retails at A$4,500 each so A$3,250 for the pair is an absolute bargain. Free postage within Australia.