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  1. Willing to bet its the clutch slave. Mine did the exact same thing. It leaked brake fluid through the clutch slave. Refilled it, primed the clutch with the help of a friend. Car ran fine. Next day took it out and same issue (clutch pedal very light and goes straight to the floor, cannot engage into gear). Swapped out clutch slave (and rod while you down there) and no issues since.
  2. PM him on Instagram too, he responds there pretty quick "Lamborfuckinghini"
  3. Get the ignition coils from Whiteout. My 2002 Murci drove like a complete POS until it was swapped out with the new coils. The OEM ones are trash.
  4. My clutch slave was leaking and it made the clutch rod look very similar to your picture. Not sure if my leak was green like yours though. My car just wouldn't engage into gear (clutch pedal was super light). I'd suggest swapping out the clutch slave ($150) and get a new rod ($800).
  5. Should just do it like the old Lambos, kit frame with body on top, drop huge ass motor with a 6 speed manual. Would be so in for one!
  6. I didn't use the launch control at all, it all highway pulls so I can't comment on the launch control. Casually fast as in its too refined and is missing the dramatic dna of a lambo.
  7. Drove it this last weekend. I think its a great SUV but it definitely lacks the Lambo drama. If I had $250k to drop, I wouldn't mind one in the garage. Just not sold on the fact that its 1.5x more than a Model X P100D, 1.5x more than a Range Rover SVR, 1.5x more than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. The interior is killer, car looks great in person. Driving it, it is fast but "casually" fast. It doesn't feel fast from the butt dyno but the speedometer shows how quickly it climbs. Basically a Cayenne on steroids is what I think of it.
  8. If you do return it to stock let me know. I might be interested in the kit =)
  9. kaliturbo

    Murcie Value

    Ok so I just saw the monterey blue from Cats Exotics last Friday and holy crap it looks incredibly good in person. I would say my second fav color after verder ithaca.
  10. kaliturbo

    Murcie Value

    I'd guess $170-$180k. $10k less if clutch hasn't been done. Just my guess.
  11. The only issue is the Pirellis in the 345x25x20 configuration has a load bearing rating that is lower than the stock tires so the tire shop won't mount them.
  12. This is epic! I really like the white SV's!
  13. Not to resurrect a dead post here, but what tires would you run with a 18/19 setup?
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