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  1. kaliturbo

    Any LP640 with good history for sale?

    If you do return it to stock let me know. I might be interested in the kit =)
  2. kaliturbo

    Murcie Value

    Ok so I just saw the monterey blue from Cats Exotics last Friday and holy crap it looks incredibly good in person. I would say my second fav color after verder ithaca.
  3. kaliturbo

    Murcie Value

    I'd guess $170-$180k. $10k less if clutch hasn't been done. Just my guess.
  4. kaliturbo

    Wheels and Tires

    The only issue is the Pirellis in the 345x25x20 configuration has a load bearing rating that is lower than the stock tires so the tire shop won't mount them.
  5. kaliturbo

    Lord have Murci

    This is epic! I really like the white SV's!
  6. kaliturbo

    Wheels and Tires

    Not to resurrect a dead post here, but what tires would you run with a 18/19 setup?
  7. kaliturbo


    Cold AF =)
  8. kaliturbo

    Guys WTF is this?

    Its actually pretty "clean" as long as you have it installed more towards to the top of the vents. Did it to my Murci as well but I installed it too low so it hangs. Need to redo it. See pictures:
  9. kaliturbo

    FS: 4'x6' Lamborghini carpet floor mat

    Ill take it if you can ship it.
  10. kaliturbo

    Guys WTF is this?

    I just put a pigtail to the battery and ran the pigtail through the vent near the rear wheel. Attach this with battery tender and it allows me to not have to pop the hood everytime I want to charge it up. Come home, reach down and plug it in, right in front of the wheel. The new flux capacitor is working great =)
  11. kaliturbo

    Guys WTF is this?

    So I installed new battery and ran the cord back to its source. It is in deed a flux capacitor. This makes mine the only 6.0 with one of these (that I know of). Supposed to add 60hp from my research but I removed it anyways. Who needs more than 200hp anyways?!
  12. kaliturbo

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

  13. kaliturbo

    Guys WTF is this?

    Yah gonna yank it out when I have a minute. Still need to get a battery tender pigtail installed.
  14. kaliturbo

    Diablo GT-R Wing

    Emilio is missing the stalks so he's trying to source it right now =)
  15. kaliturbo

    Guys WTF is this?

    LOL are you serious? It looks sooo ancient.