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  1. Hi! I think i found something. As mentioned earlier, i think that the 12VDC Signal does not reach the valve and that there was some manipulation going on. So i had a look under the driverside rear backlight and found a "random" disconnected cable. I think this was used before to get 12VDC from the lights (was not able to remove the whole light yet because i did not want do take off the wheel etc.) and i think that there maybe was a remote controlling unit for the valve installed and then removed later on before the purchase (?). So my thesis is that the cable to the solenoid was disconnected somewhere near that point just before it enters the bigger cable hose collecting different cables on the way to the ECU (sorry for my english... understandable? ). I isolated the cable now correctly to avoid any damage. Will keep you updated if i find the solution by myself or have it fixed by a professional dealership. Btw the metal and the rear bumper really do not look very great...
  2. Hi @doltmo, thanks a lot! I really appreciate your detailed description, thoughts and references. I am really sure now that there is no 12V at the plug so i have to check for the cable, will do that now. If someone hid a switch between the ecu and plug, he hid it really well did not find some modifications like that yet. Hope to find the solution; cant really imagine that the cable is broken... weird.
  3. Hey @doltmo, thank you so much! This was really helpful and i am with you, this is what i should check next. Could you help me again with one question: Several people told me that the Gallardo starts up with open flaps, but as it is so (!) loud, i cannot imagine. Do you know if there is a delay between cold starting the engine and the 12V DC Signal to the solenoid valve? Another guy told me that the flaps are 100% closed even at cold start. He told me that there could be a switch i dont know yet and i just want to make sure that i dont measure at the ECU when there is no fault but just a delay. Also, another guy told me to check the fuses in the front passenger side. Could that be a helpful hint, too? I really feel great with the support i got from your side for my first post. Happy to be here and soon be able to share my expierience + helping others.
  4. Hi there Lambo fans, i own a yellow Gallardo LP 500 Coupe with less than 20.000 mls on it and have a weird problem with my exhaust (flaps) system. As i learned with some earlier posts, a lot of the Gallardo owners upgrade their exhausts from standard LP 500 to the LP520 one - and also mine was upgraded that way before i bought it. My car came with some problems, sorted out most of them but there still remains something that bugs me ;) The flaps are always open, as they should be as a default mode in the construction. The computer-activated solenoid valve opens up below around 3.2K RPM - normally. My valve just stays closed and it is really loud from the beginning and i want to change it to its "original state" - working as it was intended to be. I want the car to be quiet when starting up. I already checked these things: - Fuse No. 9 in the rear fuse box behind the seats - working fine - Vacuum from the "vacuum hose" - works fine - Flaps - work when i connect the hoses bypassing the valve - they close immediately - Valve itself - applied 12V DC via power adapter - opens immediately, closes when power is disconnected Then i noticed that the cable with the connector that should give power to the valve does not apply 12V DC when the car is running so i assume that there is the problem. My questions are: - Are there any fuses to be taken care of? - Do you think the power cable may be the fault? e.g. disconnected (from where?) or damaged? - Could there be any other issues like a faulity signal from the ECU or a bad computer part i dont know yet? - I searched a lot but did not find a solution / the same issue. One forum member said that the valve closes after 60seconds, and i did not wait that long. Maybe I am doing it wrong? Could just not imagine that the car starts soo loud and then quiets up ;) Would appreciate help so much. I love this forum and would be so happy to give back when i am deeper into the topic. Will also be happy to provice pics and documentation when fixed! Best regards!
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