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  1. Probably need different light I want try canbus
  2. Hi guys , today I start to see some smoke on the back of my car and what I see is the egear fluid tank have some sweating /leak .. IMG_2286.MOV
  3. HI guy i have a issue with my head light i install the new dailylight led sylvia, like suggested in some post. after I install this light , my dashboard has become a Christmas tree, the rear fog light ( light dashboard) stays on, the directional ( light dashboard ) right side on, and daily light ( dashboard light) say on aand when I tryto use the lever to select the right directional light, the signal light starts to go crazy going fast after some mile the problemit goes away by itself, but then after a while it comes back. What could it be??? Thank you so much
  4. I find a company rebuild the bearing clutch with material better than new one for 1.5k. I ready Install and work perfect.
  5. HI MURCI OWNER , I am writing in this post because I have been contacted regarding clutch / bearing works on Murcielago SOME "clever" IN THE MARKET OUT HERE TRY TO SELL CLUTCHES IN KEVLAR for 800/1000 dollars taking advantage of the owners of exotic THE MESSAGE I AM TRYING TO TRANSMIT IS THE FOLLOWING: NO QUALITY CLUTCH WITH PRIMARY MATERIAL and NON-CHINESE CAN COST SO CHEAP I KNOW THAT MOST YOU ARE KNOWING THAT PUTTING CHEAP MATERIAL ON THE MURCIELAGO MEANS DOING THE WORK TWICE, BUT SOME STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND !!!!! PUT CHEAP CLUTCHES AND BEARINGS MEANS = CAR THAT LEAVES YOU ON THE STREET AND WORK TWICE !!!! WAITING FOR YOUR CONFIRMATIONS, so maybe someone will understand that whoever offers very low prices is making a scam !!! we are a community and we must help each other
  6. Hi Guys I need to buy the clutch bearing PART NUMBER: 086141671C Someone have one NEW, READY available? thank you so much
  7. Yes is strange becuse even the new part with same code los different for number of “hole” model 1 and model 2 both for egear
  8. HI GUYS !!! This is what happen MURCIELAGO 2006 EGEAR MURCIELAGO L640 me and my friend need to change clutch , my friend ready have the engine out parts code for the BEARING CLUTCH in the lambo parts is : 086141671C but the code in the bearing of the friend of mine is 086141671B and this is the code for the MANUAL GEAR , but the car Is EGEAR WHY?? thank you guys
  9. Pleas se post or send me a photo of your headlight and showing the issue . after this I m able to tell you something more thank you
  10. DEAR MURCIELAGO OWNER , ( I’m owner too ) YOU have the problem with front headlights. FOGGY OR BROKE?? This solution will restore your headlights as NEW. PERFECT!!! at a cheaperrrrrr cost than other repairers on eBay or online and much, much cheaper than buying new ones (10k each ) Contact me If you need Location south Florida ( but available worldwide)
  11. HI FORUM : I have a 2006 Murcielago I live in Miami and I am looking for a mechanic, around my area deeply knowledgeable, passionate,qualified for this model not with crazy prices THANK YOU SO MUCH
  12. Hi! The video dosent work , is possible have good link? Tnx
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