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  1. Thanks for all the efforts here. Great info!! And based off your input I'm thinking the Zaino could work on left over glue from PPF.. Will give it a shot!
  2. 0,0 button.. I think I noticed one on ebay recently.  Otherwise you have to buy all 4 at once.  Ebay had that button for $80 I think.. used.

  3. Yes, it will be full PPF once done and paint is cured. The separate pieces will be baked so they will be ready for PPF a few days after paint once cut and buffed. Thanks for there comments!! I just finished this project so started on the Murci... this one I will be keeping for awhile!
  4. I wanted to update as I was able to get it off. If anyone else ever needs to do this then this update will help tremendously. To get the oil cooler out of the way (without any or very little oil loss) you can remove the upper (36mm) nut on the oil line completely. Since this line comes from the top of the tank it won't loose much oil at all (maybe an once). Then loosen (just crack it loose) the lower line. This will allow the tank to spin on the oil line without trying to twist it (you won't lose any oil from this line/fitting area) and will allow you to swing it down out of the way.
  5. Thanks for the thought but this is kind of what I'm asking to find out. It doesn't seem like it will swing out of the way without removing one of the lines and loosing almost all of the oil as almost everything is loose other than the torx bolts inside door sill. It doesn't seem that it will allow the side skirt to come out of the way without removing or at least removing one of the lines which I'm trying to avoid if possible. I'm hopeful someone else knows the process and can chime in. Thanks for adding a comment. Goal is to paint lower side skirts as they've taken some be
  6. As it reads above, I'm attempting to remove the side skirt on the drivers side. I've already removed the passenger side which was pretty straight forward. The issue that I'm running into on the drivers side is the oil cooler which is in front of the rear wheel as the side skirt is different. Does the oil cooler need to be removed or detached from one of the lines to remove the side skirt or will it swing out enough to remove side skirt without having to remove or relocate oil cooler? I currently have most of the oil cooler mounts off as well along with small plastic shroud on the outer
  7. The top of this panel is scratched from the previous owner and needs to be fixed and painted again. Ideally don't want to take entire car if avoidable. I already have the door cards off for strut replacement so figured this may be a good time to tackle this project as well. PS. I'm only needing to remove the panel which attaches to the door, not the larger one which travels back to the intakes. PS#2. I already have the blue leather piece trim piece off on the inside and there are no holes or screws/bolts to access or remove. This is why i'm thinking more needs to come off to re
  8. Is that stud where the shroud attaches for air pipe when driving and cooling off the alternator?
  9. Scuderiacarparts.com can help but its new. Also, here on Ebay.. Did you search the part number at all? Is this one it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-Original-Lamborghini-Murcielago-front-bumper-grill-left-410807681/143944332702?epid=1026895918&hash=item2183c0359e:g:~gcAAOSwBkBgI-DW
  10. Good insight as my buddy has the same heat shield added. When you mentioned motor out for starter did you mean to reference coolant line? It seems (at least in the roadsters) it would be doable with the motor in the car due to slightly more visibility in that area but by no means easy...
  11. This is it. He's great and has good advice as well Very helpful. Cheap hose and with engine out a super simple job.
  12. I know this has been a concern for many and I've seen numerous videos on changing this hose but have a couple of questions. 1) The hose on my (08') and my buddies (09') roadsters seem to have a lot more heat shielding (almost the length of the hose) than what I've seen in the videos. Did the later models or maybe just the roadsters have more heat shielding wrapped around the hose by chance and is needing to change still an immediate need if factory original is still present? 2) Was there any change in the quality of the hose on these years as compared with older or just more sh
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