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  1. changing plugs was bad - stretching my hamstrings !!!
  2. Whilst the rocker covers are off....... Anybody done this themselves ? There is a video on youtube showing one valve changed only took 11 mins !!! But engine is out and on the bench, i accept access to the rear of the engine is painful. I can find valve clearance measurements for the Diablo 6, do we know if an early 6.2 is the same ? Measuring looks easy enough, changing a bit more hassle. Thanks
  3. Afternoon, As the weather has turned i will repaint mine. What have people used ? VHT wrinkle paint ? Thanks
  4. does the description say it was a coupe and the roof was cut off ?
  5. Morning, Thank you,. Would this come fully coded to the car ? Posted to yourself or can the factory send it direct to me in the UK ? I have managed to find a Fiat key so have a duplicate for that. Thanks
  6. Morning, I need another, for a 2003 "Update" car I have read the numerous threads that suggest you can buy them separately but Lamborghini (Tunbridge Wells) in the UK appear to be struggling to get any meaningful answers from Italy. Eurospares list the fob as part 0061005005 Yet i am being told Italy have no record of that part number ?? Has anybody bought a replacement Fob recently ? I would prefer to leave the system in place rather than remove it and bypass the solenoid valves on the fuel filters if possible. Thanks
  7. Morning, Mine always seems to need tightening up !! 2003 car. Do they need to be torqued like some ferraris or am i just not as big and strong as i thought ? Thanks
  8. 6.2 murcielago ashtray. The basic plastic structure is from the rear door of an Audi A6, you just remove the heavy metal lid and swap it over. 2002 C5 model
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