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  1. Very sad news in the car community, RIP.
  2. I think the Drag 965 yellow Huracan can go faster
  3. I don't think the red car ended up doing a pass
  4. I watched both episodes over the weekend, that cliff drift was EPIC. Ken Block has huge balls.
  5. Any more pictures? This is crazy
  6. Looks great! Are you keeping the SV too?
  7. I've watched Bloodline, Narcos, Black Mirror, Ozark based on recommendations here. Any others that are a must watch for my wife and I lol
  8. Very nice! Enjoy it in good health.
  9. With this boost level and weight I think 9's are going to be tough unless it's a PERFECT run. These tires are maxed out traction wise. Let me know when you get yours! I drove to the track had about 1/2 tank fuel in it, lined up and did 10 passes or so and went home. The ones running 9's are all gutted with light weight battery etc. and no seats.
  10. It's BEYOND faster than my Gallardo. Gallardo traps 115-117MPH on a good day
  11. Me too! It's awesome, best is pulling upto sports cars and exotics and suprising them lol No plans for a coupe as far as I know
  12. Took my RS3 to Atco dragway yesterday, best runs were [email protected] and [email protected] and multiple other low 10 sec passes all at 139+ at full weight, 255/35/19 Michelin PSS tires, stock suspension, stock alignment, stock battery, full exhaust, zero weight reduction. Basically drove to the track, ran ~10 low 10 sec passes and drove back! I believe this is the hybrid turbo full weight RS3 record! RS3 Build: APR Tuned Silly Rabbit Motorsport/Eurocode GTX3582 Hybrid Turbo SRM/Eurocode Brushless Fuel Pump And Injectors SRM Throttle Body Inlet And Up-Pipe APR Intake Pipe And Turbo Inlet With K&N Filter In Stock Airbox APR Intercooler SRM 3.5” Catless Downpipe W/ Dump Mated To Stock Catback Exhaust TVS Engineering DSG Tune Elite Motorsports DSG Catch Can
  13. 720S Should really be called 800S
  14. I just drove a GT4 the other day for the first time, very raw car the sport seats are a bit too much for the street but still badass
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