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  1. Night and day in every aspect. Best way I can describe it is..... The Aventador has always been a sexy car, but it is a clumsy car. The SV was a much better car, but still not what you would expect from a car that looks and sounds this awesome. The SVJ is an athlete. The driving experience and performance finally match the looks. And IMO... this is the best sounding Lambo to date. I am not sure how they did it, but they did....
  2. That's surprising to hear on the Perf. Makes you wonder if Lambo purposely makes their brakes the weak link. Keeps someone from really pushing the car over and over to find the big weak link.
  3. So that brings up a question...could this be a simple fix with some better pads? Or is this simply too much mass for the job?
  4. Just read this earlier today for the first time. Its sad in many ways... But it is apparent that this website is not healed from all the stumbles that you guys have had. But I give you props for continuing to grind and try to make it better. So with that.. 1,. I will match dollar for dollar on what is needed to send Lambocars on his trip.. My understanding is that you raised $2300. And the goal is $10K??? right So that is a $7700 delta. If someone, or a group.. can cover half of that I will cover the other half! Its absolutely fcuking retarded that this money cannot be raised on this site. Lets get it done as a team or I will get it done. 2, I need a contact for who owns this site. The majority owner who calls the shots. Thanks everyone!
  5. That Viola P. Looks beautiful! Does anyone have any pics of a Verde Ithaca?
  6. "Now if you want polarizing subject matter, like drama filled and hot topics, you'll be disappointed with the direction we're taking the board. We're moving away from the high-school dramtic antics. It's unbecoming of a forum, let alone a group of adults. So if that's what you're looking for, you'll want to look elsewhere" Good luck with that. No offense, but its hard to take you serious when the main page of the website has a bull ass raping a horse. Just saying...
  7. I think your logic is flawed. The market is extremely small. 1. Who can afford one? 2. Of those that can afford one, who has an interest in exotic cars? 3. Who is interested in Lambos vs the rest of the competition? 4. Finally, does this person have interest in a track focused version of a Lambo? There are a lot of Lambo owners that have no desire for this type of car. Once you get down to the true potential market base of an SVJ, 900 Coupes and close to the same amount of Roadsters are a lot of supply for that base. It sucks.... but I am buying one anyway!
  8. I love the race style removable engine cover. Hell I may drive without the cover! I understand that it may not be practical, but what is about this car?? And what situation would you find yourself in that you need to get in there immediately while alone?? If something malfunctions none of us are going to be able to do a damn thing about it,lol Your grabbing one of two things....the fire extinguisher or you phone!
  9. What did you guys think of the new stitching option?? I am kinda torn.
  10. All I am hearing is people: 1 Trying to talk themselves out of wanting one 2 Cant get one right now so more of the above... 3 Being negative just cause All of these people will change their position when it is released.
  11. How much have you dealt with Lambo or their dealers? They leave their dealers and their customers in the dark 90% of the time on everything. So the chance of specific info like that getting out accurately is unlikely.
  12. Any guess of how many lbs of fluid would be added? Anybody have a dry to wet comparison of a standard Aventador?
  13. There is no way. Can you post that release please. I have seen a lot of stuff coming out but didn't notice anything referring to exact weight.
  14. Well it is national news now. Glad I got my deposits in on a coupe and roadster already! Now even non- loyalists and nay sayers are going to want one. I’m pretty fcuking ecstatic with the direction Lambo is going!
  15. Congrats! That car is identical to my first Lambo! Full disclosure though.....that car is the gateway drug to way more expensive Lambos!
  16. Have you guys seen the gloss forged? I hated forged until I saw it in gloss, looks pretty cool.
  17. I am surprised there was a spot open this late in the game. Did they confirm they had an open allocation for you?
  18. That logo looks llike crap on the fender though. I can tell you that.
  19. Nope. And to confuse you more. It won’t be a DCT but is going to perform similar to one.
  20. Sounds like the Valet guys were trying to protect their customers privacy. I say good job on their part. But I also have to say I don't know what the guy was thinking with that wrap design!
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