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  1. Unfortunately the Pzero's are high performance tires that have a high wear rate. Couple that with the weight of the Urus and there you go. Order tires from Tirerack.com and get an alignment at an indnpendant shop. The dealer is raping up.
  2. Looks like they went with weight reduction rather than more power
  3. Estoque is a 4 door, very similar design as the Asterion which is the coupe. Both would be nice additions to the line up.
  4. Kind of surprised Lambo doesn't have a front engine V12 in the line up. The Asterion would have been a nice addition. I guess the market for a front engine coupe is too small for them to capitalize on.
  5. Did you still with the Cephus and Giallo color scheme?
  6. Kratos old car? It looks mint, congrats on the purchase.
  7. I saw Tool in Madison Square Garden prob 15yrs ago, back when they wouldn't show their faces. Was a dope show, crazy visuals, lights etc. You will have a great time.
  8. Absolutely mental..are you running 21/22's?
  9. Ridicc spec Sprite, Congrats! License plate should say Joker
  10. This collection is ludacrist. Going to have to stop by to see this with my own eyes. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/watch-shmee-ikonick-collection-195128365.html
  11. One of the nicest SV's out there. How this is still available is insane. Surprised Roy hasn't jumped on it...
  12. How do we feel about the record being broken by taking a different route than every other cannon baller? Is it a NY-LA regardless of route or should everyone have to take the same path to glory?
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