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  1. That is just too many colors going on....
  2. He wrecks all of his cars, wtf
  3. Griza

    New Ride

    Kratos old car? It looks mint, congrats on the purchase.
  4. I saw Tool in Madison Square Garden prob 15yrs ago, back when they wouldn't show their faces. Was a dope show, crazy visuals, lights etc. You will have a great time.
  5. Absolutely mental..are you running 21/22's?
  6. Ridicc spec Sprite, Congrats! License plate should say Joker
  7. This collection is ludacrist. Going to have to stop by to see this with my own eyes. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/watch-shmee-ikonick-collection-195128365.html
  8. One of the nicest SV's out there. How this is still available is insane. Surprised Roy hasn't jumped on it...
  9. How do we feel about the record being broken by taking a different route than every other cannon baller? Is it a NY-LA regardless of route or should everyone have to take the same path to glory?
  10. If you are going to spend $80k on a paint job, I am sure full PPF and ceramic coating and whatever else for protection is an immediate must upon delivery.
  11. For sub $100k, this car is going to be a winner. Its not a Lambo, Ferrari, Maclaren etc, it's a Corvette. Fun factor, price, mid engine almost 500hp...it is going to be a smash success. The aftermarket will be tremendous without the huge Lambo like tax. The platform is in its infancy, the future models (ZR1, Z06 whatever) will be impressive. It will never be an Italian exotic but for what it is, it's a homerun.
  12. Its a Roadster, get those tops off!! Any interior shots? Congrats, that is one badass SV.
  13. Your desicion will probably come down to what you want out of the one you choose. Do you want more of a gt or more hardcore version? Your garage is filled with non-depreciating models so if that is a factor I think the SV would probably be a front runner.
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