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  1. Hi. I"m based in the UK. I have posted a thread on Lambo talk about the leaking valve block on my Murcielago. Does anyone know where I can source this part? The factory do not stock it. Also, is there a part that is compatible? It's an old Diablo part that was carried over to the Murcielago. Thanks. Sheldon
  2. Hi, I personally wouldn’t. There will never be another manual V12 Lamborghini. That’s why I advised my close friend Philip to buy whatever he could afford and keep hold of it. We both own manual Murcielago’s. Even Max Venturi and Georgio Sanna (development test drivers for the Murcielago) advised me never to sell (and I had a really rough patch last year sorting out careless mistakes by technicians at much expense). I wouldn’t swap a manual car for an e-gear car as the manual transmission according to the test drivers was better suited to the weight and set up of the car. The e-gear had to be introduced to show Lamborghini were “keeping up”. The colour and mileage are not factors. In the UK, we seem to have exotics with higher mileage and the mileage shows your car is healthy! I have had my car valued by our UK club officials and Footman James (of Harry’s garage) and yes, the car has appreciated - Thank Goodness! Also ask Polo Storocio when your car is going to become eligible for certification as on official Lamborghini certified classic. The Diablo 6.0 became eligible last year so the Murcielago is next. My friend Philip also taught me how to prepare cars for Concours entry and by winning prizes in that scene will add value to your already beautiful and rare car.
  3. Paul just wanted to get the car back to the white. Also the red stitching didn’t match the yellow brake callipers he had already envisioned.
  4. I felt awful watching this. I think it’s a big risk to buy car that’s had the colour changed, wrap it the remove the wrap. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does. He seems very resourceful and positive. it takes a lot of guts to put your bad times out there as well as your happy times.
  5. I need advice on possible diagnoses for my air con which isn't working on my Murcielago 2003. The air con was re-gassed by the local independent I used. However, it's not blowing ice cold. The independent shop stated that they will need more time to find the diagnosis, but there were no leaks detected when they tested the system. It's not something that I'm going to rush into.
  6. Thanks for sharing the solution to your problem and closing the thread.
  7. I found this very useful. Great advice!
  8. Thank you! I appreciate that.
  9. Brilliant DIY explanation! Mine is not working either so this is good fix.
  10. Does the 2003 Murcielago have a smart alternator that is controlled by a module and ECU?
  11. Really useful and interesting video despite it being hard not to think what happened to the occupants. Thanks!
  12. Timely that this has come up on the forum. I found that when I disconnected my battery and reconnected, I got a DEF message over the mileage reading. The speedo didn't work. However, after two cycles of switching the ignition to position one i.e. switch on-switch off x2 the DEF message goes and is replaced by the total trip mileage. The speedo then works. I've done this twice now and it's exactly the same procedure each time. Not sure why this is the case. If anyone has any ideas, I would be interested in hearing.
  13. Hi Stan, It's only 6 years since you wrote this and I'm not sure you are still using the forum or still have your Murcielago. My speedometer decided not to work today after I disconnected the battery.
  14. Well done! The car looks great. Can you tell me the service schedule? I would also be interested in knowing if you need to trickle charge the battery when you are not using it to stop it from going flat. Great car and I hope you really enjoy it!
  15. Thanks for the review. I didn't realise the display was polarised. Also interesting to read you had an Esprit S4. I own an Esprit GT3 and the Aventador will be my next step up. I had a passenger ride in a model from the Knightsbridge, London showroom. It is such an amazing achievement. Great review.
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