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  1. Could I please get a mod to change my username back to my original usename of "jota1995", current username is a bit too revealing. Thanks.
  2. Jota1995

    Kim Jong Un

    That's not a coincidence. US is the master of divide & conquer. Might not be nice but what is a realistic alternative?
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  4. Jota1995

    Incoming 991 GT3RS

    OK some porsche driver drove this same car, hard. Verdict: it doesn't like overlapping brake with accel. No overlap, no problem. The guy that triggered the issue is very aggressive with his left foot braking. Congrats and enjoy the car.
  5. Jota1995

    Incoming 991 GT3RS

    Yeah current model GT3RS. PCCB. Stock rotors/pads/wheels/tires/suspension.
  6. Jota1995

    Incoming 991 GT3RS

    Had an acquaintance sell his recently. Beware of brake "ice mode" on track/extreme use. Brake pedal just goes rock solid, happened multiple times, same place on same track. Can't turn ABS completely off. You may never encounter it but I'd hate for something to happen and I didn't mention it.
  7. Just hit up Instagram "models" if you want a sponsorette.
  8. Jota1995

    Diecast and scale models - post 'em here

    My diecast collection looks like a 1:16 version of Andecorps Diablo collection.
  9. Cos it looks "bad" on the map with all that red.
  10. I think the US have had enough of the same and people are trying to do something about it. This stuff is unbelievable, makes House of Cards look like an episode of Sesame Street. and more shit is rising.
  11. No but the flowdown affects the whole planet, Australia bows to the US.
  12. Jota1995

    Diablo GT on Ebay

    The Diablo GT: doing gay porn is a realistic option.
  13. Jota1995

    Diablo GT on Ebay

    is it legal to marry a car yet?