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  1. rj1031

    Colorado Springs 1/2 Mile Event

    Holy smokes! Congrats!!!
  2. rj1031

    Colorado Springs 1/2 Mile Event

    Maybe a compound set-up would benefit at high elevation?
  3. rj1031

    TX2K18 update thread

    White Huracan 208.71 Green Hurancan 214.35 Red Huracan 220.58!!! WTF!
  4. rj1031

    Texas Invitational 2017 KOTS Update Thread

    Watching from the live feed via High Tech Corvette's FB page - by the look and sound of it, the UG went WOT sooner which in my assumption made Tony gave up the run.
  5. rj1031

    TX2K17 update thread

    Short video of both runs.
  6. rj1031

    TX2K17 update thread

    Tire marks tells the story on what's coming. Holy cow!
  7. rj1031

    TX2K17 update thread

    Yellow Huracan 217!!!
  8. rj1031

    TX2K17 update thread

    You the man! Thanks for the link!
  9. rj1031

    Underground Racing Lamborghini V10 CNC Billet Block

    Billet blocks are stronger and more stable to handle under higher load, timing and boost. Mechanically, it will also allow bigger 1/2" to 9/16" head studs for more bite for 50+ psi of boost. It's also more forgiving under detonation. Under-squared (more stroke, small bore) can use more rpms. Anyways, 3000+ hp here we come!!! Increase that life insurance and make it as big as the balls who will have one! Lol!
  10. I don't see the point of building a race car. Unicorns don't need to be stripped down. Keep the AC, its roots being a street car only exacerbated its status in a whole different level.
  11. That R8...no joke! BUT Mr. Helms mentioned billet block on 1320's video. Oh dear God!!!
  12. rj1031

    Fastest Gallardo / Huracan list

    I'm rooting for SW's comeback!
  13. It won't be customer friendly. Too much maintenance unless you build a drag car. It's still hard to comprehend how your product continuously evolve to the next level. Hard work really pays-off!
  14. Thanks for this. It does make sense for the GTRs to use the M1 in able to keep up with the competition (small displacement). I really like the Huracan platform. If ever "needed" to use the M1 special sauce for their X series cars then I believe it's game over.