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  1. I meant low cost to buy into the car compared to most Lambos. Yes the engine ignition system is an out dated and power loss portion. The MSD system is better and there are even better system MOTEC, etc out there. Engine parts are mostly readily available from Summit racing and Evans Auto. Yes they are all Targas. There are a few twin turbo Jalpas out there getting 500+ to the rear wheels on stock engine blocks! Red over tan with Wing and Bravos car 411 Red over tan without Wing and Bravos car 382 Some days it is a tough choice on which one to drive I love the black with the silver Bravos... want to trade?
  2. They are fun cars, under valued, under appreciated, and sometimes to much of a project due to low cost of entry.
  3. Stay clear of that guy he chops and sells cars. That car is two cars put together and the owner of one of the wrecks is on another board. He is also now trying to sell the engine separately, but it is not complete. Global auto sports has one for sale as do I (Car 382)
  4. unfortunately they just crashed it at on a track.
  5. Allan, you have owned a jalpa or two correct??? I will put some thought together when I have time, but all three of the drives I have owned have been ultra reliable; more so than some of my friends Hondas. In eight years my current driver (411) as never needed the cam chains or timing adjusted. I have done oil changes and tune ups. I did have a throttle cable snap, but it was frayed when I bought the car ans still lasted 4 more years. So in my opinion they are reliable as long as you make sure everything is running properly first. Case in Point. I was out two weeks ago in the 105 degree weather. Top up AC on high and it was 73 in the car and the car was running about 5 degrees warmer than normal. I have never had the car run hot ever. If your car runs hot something is wrong. It could be the thermostat, an air bubble (most common as the therm is the lowest point on the engine), bad fan switch, or clogged rad. again cam chains not belts like a 308 so no built in maintenance. Summit sell piston and rings (JE Piston set) they are exact size and are drop ins. Many parts are the same as the Countach, which also means a lot of fiat, VW, BMW, etc parts cross reference. Tires in my opinion have been the hardest/most expensive part, but I have Bravo wheels so 15 inch rims are less and less common. My engines do not burn oil, do not leak, etc. Yes the cars are individuals and each one is a little different in how they like to act, but if you know what you are doing or ask the guys that do know you can do almost all the work yourself. Tuning the car is "fun" and I am still working on doing it myself. FOr a 25 year old car all the gauges still work perfectly. The electronics are point to point so if something stops working it is easy to track down what is wrong and 9 time out of 10 it is a fuse that is corroded. Yes I love my cars, but I have not had the issues that many people have had. The main reason IMO is I bought a good car, not a cheap car. Just like the guys who buy a CT for 70K and then end up putting 50-100K into it and hate it for how bad a car it is. If you buy a 20K Jalpa expect to put 20 plus into the car to get it running the way it should. As for price I think the car is under appreciated and in time may command a higher price.... and owner can always hope. Also many of the Jalpas have been owned by people who can barely afford them so they end up in disrepair because once the first bill comes due they stop fixing everything and sell it. Price again; I heard one guy had a choice between a Jamara and a Muira. He choice the Jamraa for about 3K less when brand new. The miura turned out to be the ultimate collector with Jamara values very low when compared. So one took off and the other did not. I have not found it hard to find parts. Evans and Jacques have lots for sale and Evans Auto does tons of Jalpa restorations. What are other peoples thoughts.
  6. I like the wheel size, that was about it. I hate the dash, the spoiler etc. The SVR style intake is cool, but I doubt it does much for power on the car.
  7. Still interested in Jalpa info? If so let me know. I can post lots of info and links.
  8. There are a few youtube videos of him doing 1/4 mile runs. The car is sick!
  9. A good projector will have multiple memory settings. For gaming you have to go DLP and NOT L-COS, SXRD, or LCD. If you want the best of both worlds...i.e the colors from an SXRD / LCOS like JVC projectors go with an LED powered DLP projector like the Runco Q-750, Q-1500 or the 3D D73D. I have the Q750 and it does work well for gaming and movies... just not bright enough with the lights on... that is where the Q1500 or the D-73 take over. There is a D-73D for sale on EBay from a dealer for 20K. It retails for 50K! He is a nice guy and I have bought from him in the past. I know the next gen (XBOX ONe and PS4) will have very good sound and might be worth sending through a pre.pro or receiver. I use an Anthem AVM50V. I also like the brand new McIntosh and Denon's ultra high end are very nice for the price... there are better, but the price starts getting really crazy... ADA with built in room correction can go for 20K plus. etc etc.
  10. Are you looking to do a big screen TV or a projector? Separate amps, pre/pro or a receiver? Do you want it just for gaming or theater too. I have built a few theaters (all in different houses I owned or rented) price range? or anything goes. Theaters are like cars you get a VW for a few grand or go full on Lambo for a few hundred thousand or more.
  11. That is why return to targets are not allowed in the Army. Very dangerous. Glad the pilot made it through OK.
  12. great car. What are you having done to that amazing lady.
  13. Not that I can afford but I would rather have the MC-12, much better styling IMO.
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