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  1. Hovik


    Don't forget to get this option! SNOW CHAINS (21" TYRES)
  2. Hovik


    Configurator http://configurator.lamborghini.com/configurator/presets/ur
  3. Hovik


    Looks great on the move!
  4. Hovik


    Very cool, well done Lamborghini !! Anyone think they'll try to put a V10 or V12 in it for "SV" version?
  5. Congratulations again !! Amazing how quickly and nonchalantly it went over 200!
  6. Hovik

    Got hit N Runed

    They have no idea who they messed with. Glad you're ok.
  7. http://gtspirit.com/2017/10/11/video-crazy...-beating-owner/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BaAn7ZUFo2K/?taken-by=r6robin https://www.instagram.com/p/BaAjmvvF6Ug/?taken-by=r6robin
  8. That's correct. Less and less classic bulls join each year. Values, reliability, mileage, convenience are just some of the reasons why ...
  9. Would get too repetitive, I think, not many have patience for long videos. Glad you enjoyed it ! Here's a rolling shot I took a few months ago in Phily
  10. Actually looks like it was 101 total. 99 in this drone shot, plus a Huracan joined at rest stop and the Centenario.
  11. We came really close to topping Miami turnout from February. Ended up being just under 100 cars (~96-97) and Miami was just over 100 (~103-104) Yeah, I have a feeling Miami 2018 is going to be even crazier. Feb 23-25 ! It's really exciting seeing all the cars together. After the drive we parked them in groups of V12 and V10, when you walked through the rows of cars there was so much heat coming off it was pretty crazy... and very hot.
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