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  1. Hey, Guys. Thanks for the responses. Damn, I was really hoping for something more like "You idiot, we're all over here <insert site or social media platform> now. C'mon over!" Bummer.
  2. Dropped-off after the whole website update debacle a couple years back.. Thought maybe everyone migrated to FB Site. Nope. :o(
  3. Need a full profile pic to judge completely. Agree with Camaro rear comment. Meh.
  4. Congrats! Looks pretty original from what I can see. 6 speed is money in the bank. Enjoy!
  5. Necessary. Animal was wounded and suffering. Possibly in shock. Humane thing to do. Put it down. The reality is that here in the states very few animal control service organizations would care for or rehabilitate the animal. Deer population is out of control in many areas of the country with few natural predators.
  6. Took me 24 hours to establish Coinbase account...
  7. Second this. You need a superior listening environment to really hear the differences/nuances in speakers. Much of which is subjective to the average person (if you're an audiophile like VCR different story). Maybe bring a range of music as a reference to compare. Spend a few hours, at least. My ears didn't warrant much over a couple grand for speakers. I was lucky to get the B&W's while they were still made in the UK. I have some Boston Acoustics from the mid-eighties when they were still a boutique company and made good stuff. Have fun with it.
  8. Very sorry to hear about your mom. Hoping your dad gets some good news. Sending positive vibes your way, Brother...
  9. Very very sorry to hear that you've lost two brothers. I lost my little brother, Matt, when I was 23. He was only 20 years old. I watched him fight for his life for two fcuking years. Not a day goes by that he is not with me in mind and spirit. I don't give a fcuk how tough it gets for me sometimes (not very relatively speaking) - it's nothing like what he went through. Perspective. If I need to dig deep - I think about Matt. I hope you can draw some inspiration from your brother's accomplishments and all the good times you shared. It sounds like you are a fighter and they always rise to the occasion. Here's to rebuilding and continued success in 2018. Kick the shit out of it, my friend, and best to your father...
  10. Sending positive vibes your way, brother...
  11. +1 Thank you Cap. Great post... RIP Roger
  12. Paterson is an absolute toilet. I'm going to need to borrow some of your gun collection in order to get in/out with my findings...
  13. Flash Gordon

    New here.

    Welcome! Beautiful car. Lots of Viper guys past and present here...
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