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  1. doltmo

    Check Engine 1-5 Error Code P1311

    Check out this thread on the forum: P1311 is an exhaust sensor pressure signal fault - maybe a plugged misfire tube
  2. doltmo

    Low fuel light ON

    Remember that the Gallardo has two gas tanks, connected by a transfer pipe on the bottom and a vent pipe on the top. Just a hunch, but maybe the transfer pipe is blocked and gas can't flow into the left tank. I'm not sure where the fuel level sensor is located.
  3. doltmo

    Huracán photo and video thread.

    I've had the car for a little over a year now, but splitting my time between the two cars is keeping the mileage "down" (if I can use that word) on both. I took the car to Monterey this past summer, so that's a little over 5K miles on that trip alone.
  4. doltmo

    Huracán photo and video thread.

    Both cars out for a group portrait before all the leaves dropped. 2015 Huracan #1042 (16,000 miles) and 2006 Gallardo #2973 (129,000 miles).
  5. doltmo

    Your Huracan order

    If anyone's curious where their Huracan is, Lamborghini uses Wallenius Wilhelmsen to ship the cars. If you know your VIN, you can get real-time tracking via their website. Type in your VIN, or just the first couple of numbers to find all the Huracans, like I show here: And here you go.....
  6. doltmo

    Anyone tried Girodisc S/S Pads?

    The combination of S/S on the front and Magic on the rear worked out fine for me and my driving style. If you get deeper into the brakes in the turns you might benefit from having S/S pads on the rear. I use the S/S pads for track days, so I've not run the S/S pads on the street for an extended time. But I didn't notice any squeaking for the thousand or so miles I ran them on the street getting to and from the track. Why don't you put S/S pads just on the front and try them for a couple of months. Half the cost of going all-in and you get most of the benefit of the more aggressive compound.
  7. doltmo

    Anyone tried Girodisc S/S Pads?

    I got a set of SS pads for the front brakes for last year's track season. I was very pleased with them - lots more bite than the Magic pads. Try 'em. I ran Magic street pads on the rear.
  8. So, you're OK with the view out the back window through the standard rear bonnet?
  9. doltmo

    Brakes need replaced...what are my options?

    +1 I've been running Girodisc rotors and pads for the last 40K miles. Very little dust plus the rotors look much better than OEM.
  10. doltmo

    04 G w/ 88k miles

    Anyone else out these over 100K???
  11. doltmo

    04 G w/ 88k miles

    NO, it's certainly not the highest mileage Lambo. Jack Riddell owns that spot with over 250K on his '72 400GT. But I'm probably in the top 10 and maybe closer to the top in single-owner miles. The car's been very reliable with no major issues. It burns a little more oil than it used to, but nothing worth fussing over. It's a 6-speed manual, of course.
  12. doltmo

    04 G w/ 88k miles

    Getting close to 106K on my 2006
  13. doltmo

    My baby is 26!

    At "only" 26K, you've got a lot of enjoyment left in that car.
  14. doltmo


    If you get tired of the wear sensor warning on pads without wear sensors, you can always short out the sensor. Just cut the sensor wires off your old factory pads, short the two internal leads together and reinsert into the socket.
  15. doltmo


    The R8 rear rotors might fit the LP560, they won't fit the 1st generation Gallardos (wrong diameter). I think the RS6 rear rotors are the wrong thickness. I switched to Girodisk and have been very happy.