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  1. Thats where Im at too. You JUST missed an exotic rally that started at NJMSP this past Sunday. It was a blast. There was about 30 cars. Keep your eye out in the events section for events in our area.
  2. the hood fitment looks horrible. not even a black car pull off that much exposed CF. bet the honda crowd loves it
  3. lets hope it is something like this http://www.praxissuspension.com/pictures/v...roductvideo.wmv
  4. yes in the US. Soprano's isnt just a TV show
  5. id love to see the marketing campaign behind this. brilliant
  6. so now we know the meaning behind your screen name. wear a rubber man. having kids at the wrong time in your life can hold back your life and a disease can ruin it
  7. sounds great mike! thats stock exhaust? Im looking fwd to our verde duo this year Mike! Don Diego, the borgata tunnel im in about once a month. Hit me up too
  8. Congrats Rob! Sad to see you get rid of the best color lambo ever, but ballon white is good for a change up. Enjoy it...as for the girlfriend comments...I hope this is one of many girlfirends. 19 drop top lambo...have your pick bro and live it up
  9. In my days of tuning Porsche's it was fairly common to see 996tt's disconnecting or removing the FWD on their car. I wonder if this is possible on our G's? I was very close to doing this to my 996tt, because I really didnt like how the car behaved with the AWD system. G's arent technically awd and dont handle like an AWD. I did always prefer RWD sports cars, but to me the non-Balboni versions arent coming up short in driving experience/road feedback. I dont think this car really needs RWD to enjoy it, but it may make it even more enjoyable...who knows? I am with you...would love to hear some comparison of the two. I would never own a Balboni version if it had the stripe. I think it looks bad, actually, horrible. the stripe reminds me of something to go on a dodge..
  10. that does look really good. Ive never seen a blue G in person... Caleum not too often and the first time ever seeing a Monterey in pics. always loved the Monterey on Jeff SD's old ride
  11. Terribly sorry to hear this. May he RIP.
  12. only way id trade my VI if it was for a VI 560
  13. no, the guy could afford the gallardo and bought one. bought a mustang shell too. plus the labor, R&D, etc. I would say he has right around the cost of a new LP560 into this "project" Doesnt make sense but it is a strange world we live in. Perhaps it was to showcase his mechanical talents as an auto shop. A promotional campaign to create a stir. Im sure it made an impact amongst his target market that they will never forget. The message it sends out to the consumer is if they could put a lamborghini engine/trans etc into a mustang, they could do just about any type of work to my car This is the only reasoning I can see behind this
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