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  1. kwn

    ilike this car

    My good friend custom order this color for his Veyron. Kevin
  2. kwn

    84 FLA?

    John, You are good at those numbers. I have 21 MY1985 5000S VINs for USA, with 1 car went to Italy. Still waiting for the Miura S chassis # from you. Kevin
  3. There are at least 14 Veyrons for sale in USA now, including 6 used ones. 4x Red/Black 3x Black/Black 2x Blue/Black 2x White/Black 1x Black/Silver 1x Grey/Black 1x Red/Red Kevin
  4. kwn

    The Jota List

    Anyway, I have been hiding the real SE30 #001's info for years. The 2nd photo is Europe #001, not SE30 #001. http://www.lamborghiniregistry.com/Diablo/...0/SE30-001.html Kevin
  5. kwn

    The Jota List

    Keith, you got me. I guess your car will be in the list soon. Placid, you did well. Let me try to help a little. No.67 is Yellow & No.132 is Purple. The unknown White one in Japan is No.140. Kevin
  6. Kenny, A friend of mine also got the same stickers on his black LP640. Send you a PM. Kevin
  7. Yep, Simon was test driving Bugatti's 4th factory demo car. Kevin
  8. There are at least 15 6-speed Gallardo SE in USA. Kevin
  9. kwn

    Advice on an SV

    That car is sold long time ago, RHD, Yellow exterior, Cream & Purple interior, 23404km back in 2004. Kevin
  10. Did a photoshoot of my friend's Mercedes collection. Kevin
  11. kwn

    94 se price info

    Keith is right, I remember that day. Kevin
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