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  1. For future reference ... not sure which source of information is correct. I was told the end fittings are identical between the part numbers for the each of the two long hose parts and for each of the two short hose parts. Bullstuff.com shows broader applicability for 001535965 and 001535966. According to scuderiacarparts.com and eurospares.co.uk … Long Hose 001531828 - Diablo (1990-1998), Diablo VT (1993-1998) 001535965 - Diablo SV (1998), Diablo SV (1999), Diablo VT 6.0 (2000-2001), Diablo VT Roadster (1998-2000) Short Hose 001531858 - Diablo (1990-1998), Diablo VT (1993-1998) 001535966 - Diablo SV (1998), Diablo SV (1999), Diablo VT 6.0 (2000-2001), Diablo VT Roadster (1998-2000) According to bullstuff.com ... Long Hose 001531828 - Diablo 2WD, Diablo VT 001535965 - Diablo 2WD-4WD, Diablo 6.0, Diablo Roadster, Diablo SV, Diablo VT Supplement Short Hose 001531858 - Diablo 2WD, Diablo VT 001535966 - Diablo 2WD-4WD, Diablo 6.0, Diablo Roadster, Diablo SV, Diablo VT Supplement
  2. I am in talks with a US based OEM manufacturer to fabricate these two oil lines from scratch using all new materials. The hose would be teflon/SS instead of rubber/SS. Currently in process to have everything quoted (e.g., initial setup costs and per hose cost). I will have to purchase a minimum quantity of 10 hoses. Price for both hoses was estimated to be less than original cost of $750 for both hoses, but I will not know until officially quoted for setup and minimum order quantities. From my understanding, these two hoses were used on every model Diablo except the SE30. If all goes well and we proceed to manufacturing, I will have one set made first and tested on my car before having the rest made. Is anyone interested in a pair of hoses?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I've tracked down a few cars being parted out. The oil lines were already sold
  4. I emailed pictures and talked to the company on the phone. "Sorry, cannot help you make these."
  5. Thanks! I emailed the company. I must be using all the wrong search terms ...
  6. Thanks! I'll ping them. I have talked on the phone and emailed about a dozen companies now all over the US (and abroad). I have provided plenty of pictures and details of what I need. "Sorry, cannot help you." is the story I keep hearing.
  7. I have contacted MULTIPLE places all over the USA and not a single place can make new fittings. I contacted Manuli directly and was provided with a place in the USA. Called them and was told they cannot make the fittings. I'm at a loss ...
  8. Here's a picture of the end of the fitting ... the company asked me to send back so they can be recrimped with the correct length hose ...
  9. Thanks for the link! I have already been in touch with them and they do not have them to purchase nor do they have any used ones available from their cars they are parting out.
  10. So, here's where things are in brevity. My car has been at Steve's since Feb 2020. He tried ordering 001535965 and 001535966 once he saw they needed to be replaced. They ended up both as DISCONTINUED. I cut off the crimps and had the fittings zinc plated locally. I also cut off the SS braid on a hose to identify the hose and it was labeled with Manuli DN 19. After digging into Manuli (https://www.manuli-hydraulics.com/), I am confident they are the OEM manufacturer of the fittings and hose assembly. The catalog of various fittings and other pictures I have found online tell me they are likely the right place. Once I found that information, I contacted an authorized distributor for Manuli parts in the USA. I found company REMOVED. I talked with one of their managers about sending the fittings to have them rebuild the hoses for me using quality parts. I explained these fittings are no longer made and are unobtanium. I send the fittings, the ferrules I cut off, and the original hoses so they can measure to the same length of hose! I marked up the fittings with alignment marks and provided multiple pictures to the company. Fast forward a few weeks and Steve at Driven Exotics sends me pictures. The hoses were not made to the correct length (I provided the original hoses) and the ferrules were the wrong size (too long). The hoses were a little over 2" too long and would not fit without kinking the hose. So, we decide to cut the ferrules off and start over. Steve cut's off the first crimp and finds the fittings are SIGNIFICANTLY overcrmped. Overcrimped to the point of flattening the barbs and decreased the diameter of the fitting (reducing oil flow if ever actually used). The ID of the DN19 hose is about 0.75 inches. The diameter of the fitting was about 0.755 inches (I measured everything before sending off). When I contacted the company about the issues, I was told to send the fittings back so they could recrimp them. I told them and provided pictures that the fittings are no longer usable as they have been completely CRUSHED! They haven't done anything to make this right, and I'm not sure what path to pursue. At this point, I feel completely f*****. Steve and I have pursued every possible place to find new or used parts. I recently contacted Polo Storico and had multiple email exchanges. Polo Storico told me to contact a factory authorized Lamborghini dealership and they can help me get the parts. There isn't one near me, so I called REMOVED. I was told by the dealership that 001535965 was discontinued and there was nothing they could do to help me. I was able to purchase 001535966 but it is on 2-3 month back-order ... but not sure if I will actually get the part. I reached back to Polo Storico about 001535965 and have not heard back. So, I have no path forward. My car just sits and I'm missing out enjoying it with my kids. I have thought about trying to get Manuli fittings that have the same barb end so I can cut off my broken ones and weld on new ones ... I welcome help, suggestions, and input :)
  11. I used a Dremel tool and cut the crimps off. I made sure to take lots of pictures of all the fitting orientations before cutting! Is there a recommendation on what I can do to get the fittings all cleaned up and shiny again? Brake cleaner got off a lot of the stuff. Thinking about using oven cleaner to remove the char but not sure if that's a good option.
  12. Does anyone know who can make new 6.0 oil lines or reuse fittings to make rebuilt lines with new SS braid?
  13. I've been lusting after a manual V12 Vantage for a long time to park next to the Diablo. Is there a shop to service Aston Martins in the United States that is similar to how driven exotics is exclusive and exceptional to Lamborghini?
  14. I read something about Montana not being a great option anymore. Interesting factoid about Michigan! Insurance is high in New Mexico too for the uninsured and high prevalence of DUI. Near the Alexandria area My concern with the state law is if the car resides in the VA for 6 months, then I'm "technically" supposed to register. We would be renting in VA. I am thinking of just keeping my home state driver licenses and car registrations which I could probably be OK with for 1 year but may have trouble if we stay longer. Thanks for the point of contact. I will ping the user.
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