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  1. True. I wonder if there are requirements (e.g., car has to be offered for sale) for insurance/dealer if it is underneath the 'dealership'.
  2. It looks like he listed his SVR for sale yesterday and it's already sold(?). The listing is already removed from his website but the YouTube video is still up on his channel. Does anyone know where it's going?
  3. camaro97

    Discount Diablos

    I would think there has to be some recourse for a rare situation like this.
  4. camaro97

    Discount Diablos

    Was the buyer aware of the damage before bidding since the damage happened right before crossing the block? If the buyer viewed the car when the car didn't have the dent, bids/wins the auction for the car, and then receives car with damage with an explanation of what happened ... is the winning bidder still obligated to complete the purchase of the car?
  5. Why choose epoxy over polishing + sealing (e.g., lithium silicates)?
  6. Very nice!! How high are your ceilings?
  7. http://www.rallylights.com/hella-4169-seri...ignal-lamp.html
  8. That's ridiculous. It appears to be 3% for the State of Virginia: https://vada.com/dealership-resources/newsl...cles-procedure/
  9. Hence my recommendation to measure paint thickness. A friend purchased a brand new vehicle (not a lambo) and was found to have had an accident at factory that was not disclosed. Manufacturer and dealer went out of their way to give a brand new vehicle with every single bell and whistle. It was paint thickness measurements that showed the entire front of vehicle was resprayed ....
  10. Can you have paint thickness measured all over car to see if measurements are similar? Then compare measurements to another car.
  11. Glen at AMH Exotic Parts should be able to help you source a windshield. He has helped MANY forum members and has a stellar reputation. http://www.exoticwholesaleparts.com/
  12. Mandalay Bay staff interacted with Las Vegas shooter more than 10 times in days before Oct. 1
  13. The cross reference parts thread has SAVARA Fiat 9.31.981.00. (7563164) listed for one of the sizes. Do you know if that works on the 6.0? And where can I buy these Savara fuel filters without having to buy from lambo? Thanks!
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