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  1. That is great info! Thank you.
  2. @del mar2 Steve and I worked hard to figure out options and solutions. The primary cost of these hoses is the abnormal screw/ball fitting and pipe bends. I am right there with you regarding parts. I find other options first (e.g., O2 sensor, spark plugs, etc) before going OEM. I need to do the belts this year, so I need to track down where I can buy the DAYCO belts (have part numbers printed on them) to buy them independently as the OEM cost for the exact same part is incredibly high.
  3. I just recalled ... Steve reached out to a used parts supplier in Europe back in May 2020 after finding out about the discontinuation of the parts. The parts supplier raised the price to $1500 for a used set I agreed to purchase ... turned out the hoses were mislabeled with the wrong part number and money refunded.
  4. Additionally, the original hoses used rubber. These hoses use Teflon. The cost of the Teflon hose is quite a bit more than the rubber hose and definitely inflates the cost. These hoses are a vital part of the engine and their failure typically results in a car burnt to the ground. The quality of these hoses exceeds the OEM hoses. These hoses were handled, test fitted, inspected, etc by one of the best mechanics in the world and manufactured by one of the leading hose suppliers in the world.
  5. Thank you @del mar2 for the reply. The original OEM lamborghini cost was $750 for the two hoses. Steve @ drivenexotics.com placed the order for me (April 2020) only to find out days later Lamborghini parts had discontinued both parts. I went through the rebuild process myself (via guidance from Steve) gently cutting off the hoses without damaging the metal barbs, then had the fittings cleaned and zinc coated, and then finally crimped. There was also the risk that anytime during the process something could go wrong, and it did (see early posts in this thread). I lost all that investment (time and $550). Steve charges about $1500 (cannot find email with original amount) to rebuild your existing hoses. The last set of hoses I found available for purchase were on ebay for $3000 used which means I would still have to pay to rebuild. I have a spreadsheet with all my costs. At the end of the day, I have to sell 20 total hoses just to break even. I will never make any profit for the foreseeable future. Does that help explain the pricing?
  6. Below is my updated selling price. Shipping is not included and calculated depending on location. LAM012001A – $611 – Replaces OEM part number 001535966 LAM012002A – $762 – Replaces OEM part number 001535965 I am submitting to have a couple sets made. Does anyone need one or both hoses? Lead time is about 3 months.
  7. So, I clearly dropped the ball on this thread. I never got any notifications on replies. The price above was the retail price. I put in a request to get updated pricing on my end. They decided to have them made on demand for me. I'm going to have one set made and include any additional sets people want. I'll follow up with pricing when I get it.
  8. Hey Everyone! Here are the final details: LAM012001A – $513 – Replaces OEM part number 001535966 LAM012002A – $639 – Replaces OEM part number 001535965 I will only have 10 of each made unless there is enough demand for more. I can have more made in the future, but it requires a minimum order of 10 of a particular part number. According to a couple Lamborghini part suppliers, the OEM hoses 001535966 and 001535965 are both NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The cost is higher than I anticipated due to having the two OEM hoses reverse engineered, different materials being used, prototypes being made to verify fitment, and adding manufacturing quality measures to ensure consistent performance and fitment. All this was done through PDI, Inc and they will be the ones manufacturing the hoses. Going forward, I am working with PDI, Inc. to handle sales and distribution of these hoses. PDI, Inc is a commercial manufacturer of these types of hoses and is a Global supplier. One of the main differences with these hoses is they use Teflon instead of the rubber used in the OEM hoses. An advantage of this is they have a near indefinite shelf life as opposed to rubber becoming hard and brittle over time. Test fitment pictures of the hoses on my car are below. Highlights All hoses leak tested before leaving the factory All hoses are checked for proper length and end fitting orientation in a custom jig TiteFlex SAE 100R14B Hose Minimum bend radius is 9” due to Teflon, but both of these hoses are straight when installed Conductive hose to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) from occurring inside the hose Stainless steel braided outer lining for abrasion resistance like OEM Fittings are carbon steel with an electrodeposited zinc coating Operating pressure of 1,000 PSI with a burst rating of 4,000 PSI Operating temperature range of -65F to 400F Assembled and tested in the USA with foreign materials
  9. Here are the prototype hoses undergoing final test fitment on my car. These hoses are really nice quality! The bad news is that they were a bit more challenging to manufacture as these fittings did not appear to be standard. Thus, they will be a bit more expensive than I was hoping. I will post more details and specs once things get finalized.
  10. Hose assemblies before crimping to do test fitment
  11. Thanks! It has been almost a year now my car has been at Driven Exotics because of this hose issue.
  12. It has taken A LONG time and a lot of effort to get to this point. Here are brand new fittings: carbon steel with zinc finish Assemblies will be sent to Driven Exotics (next week) to do a test fitment on my car. Once the prototype is good to go, I will have 10 of each hose made as part of my agreement with the OEM manufacturer. I am still waiting on a final cost from the manufacturer, but they will be less than OEM cost and be made with teflon/SS instead of rubber/SS. Better than OEM, for lower cost. If anyone is interested in a set, please let me know. As an update from the Lambo Dealer, I still have my special order in for 001535966 for 5 months now and was told last week that Lamborghini is still "chasing the supplier". I was told 001535965 has been discontinued completely. Once I have the new hoses on my car, I will likely cancel the special order.
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