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  1. Hey Everyone! Here are the final details: LAM012001A – $513 – Replaces OEM part number 001535966 LAM012002A – $639 – Replaces OEM part number 001535965 I will only have 10 of each made unless there is enough demand for more. I can have more made in the future, but it requires a minimum order of 10 of a particular part number. According to a couple Lamborghini part suppliers, the OEM hoses 001535966 and 001535965 are both NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The cost is higher than I anticipated due to having the two OEM hoses reverse engineered, different materials being us
  2. Here are the prototype hoses undergoing final test fitment on my car. These hoses are really nice quality! The bad news is that they were a bit more challenging to manufacture as these fittings did not appear to be standard. Thus, they will be a bit more expensive than I was hoping. I will post more details and specs once things get finalized.
  3. Hose assemblies before crimping to do test fitment
  4. Thanks! It has been almost a year now my car has been at Driven Exotics because of this hose issue.
  5. It has taken A LONG time and a lot of effort to get to this point. Here are brand new fittings: carbon steel with zinc finish Assemblies will be sent to Driven Exotics (next week) to do a test fitment on my car. Once the prototype is good to go, I will have 10 of each hose made as part of my agreement with the OEM manufacturer. I am still waiting on a final cost from the manufacturer, but they will be less than OEM cost and be made with teflon/SS instead of rubber/SS. Better than OEM, for lower cost. If anyone is interested in a set, please let me know. As an update from the Lambo De
  6. For future reference ... not sure which source of information is correct. I was told the end fittings are identical between the part numbers for the each of the two long hose parts and for each of the two short hose parts. Bullstuff.com shows broader applicability for 001535965 and 001535966. According to scuderiacarparts.com and eurospares.co.uk … Long Hose 001531828 - Diablo (1990-1998), Diablo VT (1993-1998) 001535965 - Diablo SV (1998), Diablo SV (1999), Diablo VT 6.0 (2000-2001), Diablo VT Roadster (1998-2000) Short Hose 00153185
  7. I am in talks with a US based OEM manufacturer to fabricate these two oil lines from scratch using all new materials. The hose would be teflon/SS instead of rubber/SS. Currently in process to have everything quoted (e.g., initial setup costs and per hose cost). I will have to purchase a minimum quantity of 10 hoses. Price for both hoses was estimated to be less than original cost of $750 for both hoses, but I will not know until officially quoted for setup and minimum order quantities. From my understanding, these two hoses were used on every model Diablo except the SE30. If all goes wel
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! I've tracked down a few cars being parted out. The oil lines were already sold
  9. I emailed pictures and talked to the company on the phone. "Sorry, cannot help you make these."
  10. Thanks! I emailed the company. I must be using all the wrong search terms ...
  11. Thanks! I'll ping them. I have talked on the phone and emailed about a dozen companies now all over the US (and abroad). I have provided plenty of pictures and details of what I need. "Sorry, cannot help you." is the story I keep hearing.
  12. I have contacted MULTIPLE places all over the USA and not a single place can make new fittings. I contacted Manuli directly and was provided with a place in the USA. Called them and was told they cannot make the fittings. I'm at a loss ...
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