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  1. So does this mean there will be a blue MTI coming soon? LOL
  2. That looks great. I hate the black and stripes on the Performante. It's good to see someone get rid of them.
  3. looney


    I hope to see Rhodes, Jeffcoat and Sacker all going Down in flames
  4. I just watched this (evil genius) end to end and finished 5 minutes ago. It was awesome and I came straight here to mention it, only to find someone beat me to the punch by 2 hours :/ highly recommended.
  5. looney

    2001 Diablo SE

    I wont dispute that even for a second. but i do recall there was a thread somewhere on the internet probably back around 2002-3 (maybe on F chat) where these 3 cars were actually discussed and photographs of them were in that thread. But i couldn't honestly tell you if they had numbered badges. Given that it was around 15 years ago my memory is not that good. The only reason i can remember having looked up/read about them is that the 6.0 Is my favorite all time lamborghini, and I remember googling it back in my first home back in the old dial up internet days.
  6. looney

    2001 Diablo SE

    I believe the last 3 produced were actually not gold or brown. They were delivered to the UK, and were Orange, Yellow and Black respectively AFAIK. I'm sure someone with more specific knowledge can provide a bit more detail on this.
  7. Unfortunately we are overlooked for their site
  8. Does anyone know if it's on iTunes or similar?
  9. I'm nowhere near the league to be able to afford anything as high end as being discussed here. but i agree with Bill, a used Nor Tech seems like it would be a good thing if you're in Florida
  10. OK, I couldn't see any posts on here about it, so thought I'd raise the topic. I watch a lot of youtube channels with guys who tinker with cars like B is for Build Mighty Car Mods and just saw this guy named Tavarish who has purchased a TT gallardo and is repairing it. and doing a pretty thorough job of it. I'm pretty certain many of you here may not like what he's doing, however just thought i'd post it here as it may be a good resource to see how to wrench on your own gallardo. he seems like a pretty decent dude and is quite entertaining. check it out
  11. I've always had success though Chrono24 and Ebay fees can stack up, but when you're in Australia it's a good way to get an audience much larger than the people we have locally.
  12. The capital cost to set up a mining operation is pretty high. It would need to run 24/7 on cheap electricity (not Australian prices);to be profitable. To try run large scale on solar would likely still not yield great returns here as what you pay here when the sun is down would still be too expensive to make it worthwhile. Better off just buying a property and making money the traditional way IMO. The big miners are paying over $1m euro per month in electricity (their energy cost is circa 5.5c us per kwh) to have a viable business. If you scale it down and assume australian energy prices for even just the non sunlight hours I think you would be walking pretty close to breakeven which is not worthwhile for the capital outlay IMO. And that's not even thinking about your cooling expenses which would be massive here in QLD. Just ask Scud
  13. I guess it depends on how much it would cost to set up the big wind turbine. A lot of the mining is actually done in Iceland where they have cheap geothermal power.
  14. I do that. I hate having obscure numbers of holdings. It has to be a round or even number.
  15. good move IMO, it's way over priced IMO.
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